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Happy December 1st

December is here – and there’s no sight of snow here in Denmark at all. Actually it’s still quite warm outside.

Today, we’ve been enjoying a quiet and cozy morning with rice-pancakes (used my grandmother’s recipe – and missed her so much). The kids opened their first presents and I opened our Johan Bülow 24 Little Black Secrets. Some of us aren’t feeling that well, so we’ll take it easy for the rest of the day and maybe watch a Christmas movie.

This is also the last week of my Blogging Your Way e-course – and again it’s been an amazing journey. I cannot believe that it’s already over. But I’ll just have to wait for the next course to begin. I’ve been so inspired, and I cannot wait to make some changes here on the blog.

BYW Espresso Moments

Getting ready for December

November has been hard work so far. On top of my full-time job, I’m attending another Blogging Your Way class. It’s yet again an amazing experience, and I’m trying to find time to change a few things on Espresso Moments and read through the course material at night. But it is worth it.

But I’m also busy getting ready for my all time favourite month of the year. December is magical – and I love to get cozy inside and decorate our home. I’m inspired by these pictures from Rosendahl. What do you think?

Rosendahl Christmas Photos: Rosendahl

Back home again

I’m a bit lost these days. I’ve been without my iPhone (again) for almost 14 days, and somehow that made it a bit more complicated to capture moments from our trip to Hamburg. But we did bring a camera, I just need to look through the pictures first. I hope to do that during the week.

Skærmbillede 2013-10-20 kl. 19.33.33

But we did enjoy a few days in the amazing city – and my daughter loved it as well. We’re already looking at dates for our next visit. But it’ll just be the two of us then – and the kids’ll stay at home. It turned out to be a bit of a shopping trip – we hadn’t planned that though. I’ll write up a few tips and must see places during the week as well. So stay tuned for that.

I’ll enjoy the last few hours of my vacation – and catch up on some reading. First on my list is the new online magazine NIB Hjemme. And then I’ll go explore the forum on Blogging Your Way. Class begins on November 1st – and I’m so ready to get inspired again.

My unusual (insta)week

After a rather strange and rollercoaster week last week, I didn’t feel like blogging. So I took some time off to get things sorted out. And of course these things took place while we were packing our whole life in boxes. It has indeed been an unusual week last week. But I’m hoping this week will bring a whole other perspective and clarity on things.

Today, I registered for one of my favourite e-courses – Blogging Your Way with Holly Becker from Decor8. I’ve taken her course before, and cannot wait to see what the 2.0 edition will bring. Class begins on June 1st – so I’ll be learning, blogging and moving at the same time. I hope to see some of you there.

To end this post I’ll share with you a few of my favourite pictures from my week on Instagram. My two favourite little people in the world, Limfjorden on a sunny day and the best thing I did today BYW 2.0.

Images: Espresso Moments

A Stylish Night

I’ve been working from home today due to a feverish little boy. It was my first time after I got the new job. And luckily enough, I made it for the daily deadline. But now I need some time all to myself – and what better way to have that than to blog. So here I am. I’ve been collecting wonderful images from the website bo-laget. And I feel very inspired right now. I’ll share some of them with you now, and save some for later.

I’ll just head over to Blogging Your Way’s forum, and catch up. For those of you, who are considering taking Holly Becker’s e-course (decor8), I have one thing to say. Just do it! I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Images: bo-laget