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A bit of light

I’ve been home in bed today and just woke up. I blame it all on the return of the nasty cold. Maybe it actually never went anywhere, but I really hope that one more day in bed will make it go away for good.

I saved these pictures on my computer this weekend, and now would be the perfect time to post them. I found them on Bo Bedre Norway, and you can find more pictures right here. Hope you’ll feel inspired. Have a nice Monday!

This is true bathroom love

Source: Bo Bedre Norway

The perfect house

Trying to find the perfect house isn’t easy. Deciding to remain put isn’t easy either. There are a lot of decisions to be made this year, and sometimes you just have to believe in signs.

Last year I read and re-read The Happyness Project by Gretchen Rubin – and even though I’ve only tried out a few of the things she mentioned in the book – I’m sure that it has made a huge difference in my life. So what’s with this book you might wonder – and what does that have to do with decorating?

I’ll tell you. The other day we made a huge decision. For the next year at least we’re going to live, love, relax and enjoy every moment in this apartment. We’re going to get the the last things done, in order for it to feel 100% like our home. We’ve been going back and forth about moving, in order for our girl to attend the right school. We’ve been looking at public and private schools in order for her to get a good start.

The other day I believe there was a sign in my Happyness Page a Day calendar.

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about” – Charles Kingsley

It’s an amazing feeling – and I’m ready for 2012 to be the year of happyness for all of us.

So after this little turnaround, I want to show you a dream house that I’m quite enthusiastic about. It’s from the Norwegian Bo Bedre, and it’s packed with great ideas and solutions for family life.

Images: Bo Bedre Norway

Big knitted pillows

If I’m not mistaken, these huge pillows are from ferm LIVING – or at least they have had something similar in their collections. I sort of got a love/hate relationship with these pillows.

But lets begin with the positive shall we. I really like the structure of them, and it’s a great idea for the living room floor. My biggest concern is wether or not they’ll get shabby over time. So actually, I don’t have that much negative to say about them after all.

I’m curious to know about your experience with these kind of floor pillows? I would love to get your input.

Images: Bo Bedre Norway

Trendy & Intimt…

…sådan beskrives denne bolig i den norske udgave af Bo Bedre. Huset ser virkelig hyggeligt ud udefra. Lige min stil. Jeg elsker den grå facade og de hvide vinduer. Og ikke nok med det, så er det også lækkert indrettet – og har den slags trappe, som jeg elsker. Kom med indenfor til lidt onsdags inspiration. Vil du læse mere om boligen, og se flere billeder så besøg Bo Bedre her.

This house looks great from the outside, and from the inside as well. I like the interior, the small details and the whole feel of the home. And notice the stairs – I love this kind of stairs. I hope that one day, I’ll own a house with stairs like these. Come on inside and take a look around. Read about the house and see more pictures on Bo Bedre Norway here.



Images: Bo Bedre Norge