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Daily countdown in December

The past 3 years we’ve had a candle from Normann Copenhagen to help us count down the days till Christmas. However, I’ve bought another candle holder for our candle this year.


First of all, I wanted a thinner candle. It was hard for us to burn the bigger candle down each day, so a thinner version is on trial this year. In mid October a candle holder from finnsdottir arrived at my door. I’d been trying to decide which one to pick for a few weeks, and I finally decided on the one with the tiny Bambi.

I’ve added a few new trees from Søstrene Grene to the decoration and I’m quite happy with the result. I’ll add a picture on Instagram, when reach the end of November. But until then, you can check out the Christmas campaign from Søstrene Grene – I bought the green and white trees. If you want even more Christmas inspiration, you should check out my board on Pinterest. But I’ll make sure to collect some of my favourite Christmas ideas in another post when we hit the end of November.

Gorgeous Piet Hein news

There’s no other way of saying this: I’m in love. Last weekend I saw the new black candle holders from Piet Hein. I have the classic ones in my home, and I absolutely adore them. They are so minimalistic and so sophisticated and they have a special place in my heart and home.

There’s nothing better than to light the candles in the Piet Hein holders, curl up with a blanket, a cup of tea and a good book or a movie. That’s my ideal setup for a perfect night in.

And now my very Scandinavian home can have a new accessory. When I left the store, I couldn’t stop talking or thinking about these new black Piet Hein holders. The new black ones are pure genius.

These candle holders are definitely on my wish list, and will without a doubt move in with me soon. What do you think about these candle holders?

Images: Piet Hein (F&H)

I heart

De her nisser er da vildt sjove og ret søde. Jeg kan ihvertfald ikke helt stå for dem. Har du det ligesom mig, så kan du købe dem lige her.

Aren’t these elf candleholders great? I just love them. Do you feel the same, then buy them right here.

Image: CB2