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The Advent calendar – Part Two

A few days ago I showed you some pretty cool DIY Advent Calendars in this post. Today, I want to show you a few more. While picking out which ones to show you here on Espresso Moments, I regretted not sticking to my original plan and buy a little something for each day before Christmas Eve. But done is done, and I’ll never talk my husband into doing it anyway. But next year, I’ll have a lot of inspiration to pick from.

I hope you’ve picked one to make for your kids – if so please share it with me – either in a comment or on Instagram (I’m @espressomoments there). I would love to see what you’ve done this year.

Have a lovely day <3

advent calendar part 2 bw Collage Advent calendar part 2 Collage

Newspaper Advent Calendar | White Advent Calendar via Jennifer Hagler | White Advent Calendar tree via Elisabeth Heier/Pinterest | Advent Calendar via Ikea Livet Hemma | Toilet paper roll calendar | Advent Calendar via Pinterest

Boy on the moon

My little one is crazy about all stuff with the moon on it. It all started when I bought this sweatshirt from molo. I’ve added a few more items to his wardrobe, and he gets excited every time. He’s also been looking at the stars through our astronomical telescope. I love this phase, where he gets caught up in one thing and just wants to know all about it.

I’ve been looking for a few things for his room as well. I’ve found this cool map of the moon poster via mr printables. And I’ve also found a fun activity for the upcoming fall break. How about a Doodle on the moon? This idea is pretty cool and I know my kids would love it. Or how about this moon poster from Fybur’s Etsy shop? Lastly, a small DIY project – the famous Mr. Moon Ikea hack lamp by mommo design. This lamp has been all over the internet, but I still think it’s super cute.

Cool toys from Bleebla

Ever since I had children, I’ve been interested in simple toys. I never wanted a room full of plactic toys in piles as big as the child or maybe even bigger. I strived for a more simple room, with less toys. Of course it wasn’t always easy, and to be honest, both kids have had their fair share of plastic toys. But I know that some of my ‘less is more’ philosophy has rubbed off.

I’m madly in love with the high quality toys I’ve found by Bleebla. I kinda wish I had a little one again, so I would have an excuse to buy all of it. Hop on over and see the rest of their beautiful collection.
toys from bleebla Collage

1 – 2 The Stamp Box – jungle
3 – 4 – 5 animal box – sea
6 – 7 – 8 animal box – jungle
9 silhouette – jungle – full set


Very cute kids room

During the summer, I came across a beautiful kids room, I’ve been wanting to share with you here on the blog. This is two year old Tobias’ room. His mother Anu is the creator of the blog decordots, which I absolutely love. For more beautiful pictures, do visit Anu on Instagram as well.

Scandinavian-style-monochrome-kids-room-details2 Scandinavian-style-monochrome-nursery-for-a-baby-boy

Photos: Decordots


8 things on my kids’ packing list

Pretty soon we’ll pack our bags and go on our summer holiday. The kids have been waiting for this for weeks now, and by the end of this week, school is out for the summer.

Here’s a list of some essential travel companions for the kids.

Travel collage 1. Sun kids lotion from Rudolph Care
2. Smartgame Back 2 Back from Lirum Larum Leg
3. Swimwear from Molo
4. Sunglasses from H&M
5. A straw hat from H&M
6. A book for the road – Karlas kabale from Saxo
7. IQ Puzzler from SmartGames
8. aHead headphones from kreafunk

Living with a superhero

Superhero 2 Collage My little guy is a real superhero. Not a day goes by without him dredded up as Spiderman, wearing one of his many Batman t-shirts or running around the house playing with his superhero Lego. He can play for hours like this – and I love watching him use his imagination.

His birthday is not until the beginning of August, but I want to add a few superhero items to his room. Let’s face it – his room needs a bit of superhero magic. I’ve collected a few pictures for inspiration and some cool superhero items, which will add that bit of magic.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9