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Decorating ideas kids will love…

… and if you’re into cool design, you’ll love these solutions as well. I’m really inspired by these solutions – and it’s just the kind of inspiration I need right now. I want to make a few changes in my home this winter – and I might go for the little house solution shown here either as a bed or a small desk space.

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The Hukit chair

I’ve had the Hukit webshop site open on my computer for a few weeks now. The reason was because Hukit recently relaunched the famous chair. I’ve been in love with the smaller ones for as long as I can remember, but since my kids are too big to use them, I didn’t buy any. Until now – I just had to have the high Hukit chair in black. There’s a 40% discount right now, so I figured, if I was ever going to buy one – it should be right now.

Source: Hukit