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Shopping for dad

Who doesn’t need a few new things for the fall season? I’ve been looking for inspiration for my husband. The kids and I have been talking about surprising him with a few new items this fall. Luckily, it is way easier to find clothes for the kids. But I’ve come up with a few things. If your man isn’t keen on wearing baby pink or any other colour in fashion, well then your choices are a bit limited.

Shopping list (add links)
Farah Steen slim fit textured shirt in grey (not pictured) – Wood Wood tye sweatshirt with small logo in navy – Tommy Hilfiger flag icon t-shirt navyTommy Jeans sweatshirt in greyTommy Hilfiger suede mix sneakers in navy


Christmas Gift Guide – For Dad

The kids love to pick out presents for my husband and I. They get super excited every time, and they sure know which presents they bought for us – even years later. This year I’ve collected a few things that I know my husband would love. I’ll either go into the city with the kids, or enjoy a quiet afternoon at home with them while shopping for the perfect gift online.

My man loves cooking and baking bread. Therefore, most of the gifts this year are culinary related.  So far these items have made the list.  Gift guide for dad

Gifts for dad
Crispy lowball glass from Frederik Bagger
A Keep Cup from Blok18
A Smartmat for the tablet designed by Eva Solo
A little love note – A You + Me = Awesome print by ReStyle
A cool breadpot from Kunst & Køkkentøj
The Nordic Cookbook by Magnus Nilsson
Njord Distilled Mother Nature Gin
Cookbook – Mad med omtanke by Thomas Alcayaga (How to cook delicious meals with your leftovers) – not pictured

9 cool gifts for dad

Monday I went shopping with my little one. We were on a mission. We wanted to get a gift for ‘farmand’. My little one was so excited about going out and buying a gift, even though he was a bit sick. Our daughter is also creating her very own gift for dad – right now she is adding some finishing touches to her ‘dad painting’ – a DIY project by IDEmøbler and Frk. Hansen – get your print right here.

Here are a few other gift ideas for your favourite dad.

fars dag gaver 1. Frederik Bagger – lowball glass
2. Our Berlin Vodka
3. The Monocle Guide to Good Business
4. Playtype Welcome to the city of champions poster
5. Dad mug from Liebe
6. Weber grill
7. Firepit
8. toCHARGE from Kreafunk
9. Coffee subscription from Coffee Collective