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Creating a cozy spot – The wishlist

We’re redecorating our dining room these days. We’re trying to create a cozy spot for the whole family to enjoy. A lot of waiting and patience is needed, which I’m not good at by the way. I’m still trying to decide which coffee table to buy, but I think I’ve found a winner. But we’ve decided on a new lounge chair. My husband and I have picked out a A Lounge Chair from Hay. Here’s where the waiting kicks in again. The new chair will arrive in about 8 weeks time.

Right now I’m browsing Instagram and Pinterest for even more inspiration. I’ve also got a dining spot to redecorate, but right now my main focus is the sofa spot, and how to make that as cozy as possible. I’ve found the beautiful Twin 35 or Twin 42 coffee table in cool grey from ByLassen, which I hope my husband will like. I’m also looking to add a new lamp and some coziness to the spot. Here’s a look at my current mood board/wishlist. Dining room wishlist

The cozy spot wishlist
1. Wood II print found at Sirlig
2. Oswald sofa from Møblér
3. Stumpestagen – small found at Moods
4. About A Lounge Chair from Hay
5. Dot Cushion from Hay
6. Moon Lamp from ByNord
7. Twin 42 from ByLassen

I’m feeling rose

One more day to go and then I’ll have an extended weekend with my family. I cannot wait. We’ll kick the weekend off with some adult time – the kids are visiting my parents and joining the circus <3 My daughter finally convinced my parents that they should take her and her brother to the circus again this year.

Hopefully, we’ll get some things done around the house while they are gone. I’m in a rose mood these days. I want to add lovely shades of rose to almost every room right now. I was looking at the mirror for the hallway on Ellos, when I started looking for more things in there. This is a small collection of things I might add to my basket, when I buy the mirror I mentioned in this post.

ellos-shopping 123456

Pictures: Ellos



Spring cleaning on my Mac

I was just spring cleaning my desktop on my mac. I was supposed to paint some more, but I just needed a clean canvas before class.

I saved these pictures from Fantastic Frank some time ago, and I forgot to share them here on Espresso Moments. Just now, I got inspired all over again, and might do something similar in my boy’s room. He’s getting a desk for a ‘big boy’ tomorrow, and I need some decoration on the wall above the desk.

SFD4B8FC8160B85464DB09159D1657DC18B_960x SFD90F7219C9ED94B6A97CF443EC8BEC11A_960x SFD9CDFD33CC5AB444F9DB9C089177AA672_960x SFD4BAEEF1A44124C9EB99C2EE0BCBC46DC_960x

Images: Fantastic Frank

A fantastic home

Yesterday, a new season of one of my favourite tv shows began. It’s called Danmark’s Skønneste Hjem (The greatest home in Denmark). I fell in love with this home the second I saw it. I’m so glad I found pictures on Bo Bedre‘s website, because now I have even more time to look at all the details. Just sit back and relax and enjoy perfection.







337d771622304653a2bca7b2f4eb12a2-2-original-620-500 Photos: Bo Bedre (Andreas Mikkel Hansen)