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Kids room inspiration

My main focus after we moved in was to create a cozy room for each of my kids. So therefore, I’ve been collecting lots and lots of pictures for inspiration.

I’ll be sharing some of the pictures stashed away in a folder here on my computer in the next couple of weeks.

The biggest picture is not that good, but I really love the room with the String and the football game under the bed. The first picture has always been one of my favourite shared rooms. And if you know where to get the yellow chair, or just who made it, I would love to know. I used the picture for inspiration, when we lived in the other apartment, and the kids had to share a room. I picked out the last picture because I just love the yellow bed. I’m still debating wether or not to paint my girl’s bed.

Source: Apartment TherapyErik Olsson – Stadshem

For the little one

I’ve found the cutest little corner with the cutest little bed. What an amazing sense of style. I’m in love with the little bed.

What an amazing way to create a corner for the little one, and still have plenty of room for the older sibling.

Take a look at the rest of the room. Notice the chandelier and the table in the middle. What an amazing effect to use a tablecloth in the children’s room.

The home is in Gothenburg in Sweden – and it’s up for sale.

Images: Stadshem

Cool wall

Så er der godt nyt til dig, som mangler inspiration til børneværelset. Hos Mr Perswall kan du roligt kaste dig ud i nye projekter. Jeg er helt vild med disse flotte tapeter til børneværelserne. Og så gør det jo bestemt ikke noget at billederne også er godt stylet. Se mange flere flotte tapeter lige her. Og husk at der også er noget for de voksne. Måske skal din stue også nyde godt af de flotte tapeter.

Good news people. Take a look at these amazing pictures from the wallpaper company Mr Perswall. I just love the wallpaper and the styling of the pictures. I feel like decorating the childrens room once again. For more inspiration go here, and remember you might find something for the living room as well.

Images: Mr Perswall