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It’s almost Christmas

It has been a crazy week. It’s almost Christmas and when I pick up the kids from school today they’ll start their much needed Christmas break.

Time for baking, time for watching movies, get together with friends and family and it’s time for looking back at the year, which will soon come to an end. I feel lucky that I get to be around the people I love and care for and I hope that you can do the same.

Today, I want to leave you with a few beautiful pictures from a Swedish home. Nothing Christmassy about them at all, but they inspired me.

Have a wonderful weekend <3

GH1 GH3 GH5 GH10 GH19

Images via Planete Deco

DIY table

I’ve been thinking about creating a new dinner table for our home. I want a big one, because I want to be able to seat a lot of people. I want it to be rustic and I think what I’m actually looking for is a refectory table kind of feeling. I’ve been looking at different solutions and I’ve found a few cool solutions using the table legs Vika Lerberg from Ikea. I know some of these tables are coffee tables and desks, but they are all great inspiration.

Source: weekdaycarnival, ikeaspotting, Stylizimo, livet hemma, Alvhem, Apartment Therapy