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Paris in a box

Did you enjoy the summer in Paris with your kids? Or maybe a trip to the lovely city is just around the corner? I’ve found the perfect way for kids to discover or remember Paris.

On the blog Made by Joel, I’ve found the cutest miniature travel size paper Paris.

Made-by-Joel-Travel-Size-Paper-City-Paris-1a Made-by-Joel-Travel-Size-Paper-City-Paris-3 Get out your scissors and create a miniature version of Paris that’ll fit right into a tiny box. It’s perfect for kids and parents on the go. If you’re looking for a larger version, you can print it right here.

Made by Joel has a really cute selection of paper city toys. Take a look around and maybe your kid will be playing with dinosaurs in Sydney in a few days.

A sweet Christmas

Next week the first printed magazine full of Christmas ideas will be published and my mailbox will be full of them. I cannot wait. I go nuts every year and buy a ton of different magazines. I’m sure the publishers just love me this time of year.

Skærmbillede 2013-10-13 kl. 12.18.23

This year I also subscribed to Sweet Paul’s Holiday Mailing List. I’m a huge fan of Paul and his work, and I always get inspired browsing through his different projects and magazines. Therefore, it’s the obvious thing to do. You can subscribe to the mailing list by clicking on the link above.

Source: Sweet Paul


DIY Halloween costumes

The main reason I wanted to share these was because some of them made me smile yesterday. They are so extremely cute especially the mini Anna Wintour. You can find much more about her costume and the other fashion costumes on Oh Happy Day. I also included a few less fashion minded costumes – they look super cute. Imagine being a giant donut.



via apartment therapy


doghnut via apartment therapy


Source: -1- Oh Happy Day -2- Apartment Therapy via Oh Happy Day -3- Studio DIY

Cool DIY project

I absolutely love Jennifer’s (from A Merry Mishap blog) concrete diamond project. It’s so rough and really beautiful. I’m going to look for some quick dry cement here in Denmark and then I’ll try creating a diamond or two myself. Inspired? Go to her DIY guide right here on A Merry Mishap.

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Time for coffee and gift tags

It’s Monday. It’s really early. The house is still quiet. They are all asleep. In a few minutes we’ll all be up and running ready for another week.

GiftTag1 GiftTag3


I found these really cute printable chalkboard gift tags created by The Elli Blog – ready for you to print. Visit the blog to get the free printable right here.

Have a lovely Monday out there.