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Malmö Living

After a small blog break I’m back. January was way to busy and crazy for me to handle right now. Hopefully, a new month will mean a new chapter and some peace and quiet. Finding peace and quiet for me is taking a walk by the fjord here in Aalborg. Just being near water calms me down right away. That is why I picked out this wonderful Malmö apartment. This is just pure bliss in my opinion.








48AAQLFA2VCLP6RL Source: Bjurfors


Inspired by…

Today I’m inspired by these pictures – I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something… What I should be looking at is different lamps for our home, but instead I find myself going “Oh, that’s a pretty kitchen” or “I like the angles in that kitchen”. I know it’s not the right time, and I know it’s one of the projects that’ll have to wait a few years, but I can still dream about a new kitchen.

Images via Bolig Magasinet and Alvhem

The yellow door

There it is – so full of life and reminding you of summer. The yellow door. Don’t you wonder what’s behind that door? I do.

To me doors are not just doors. There is a story behind every door. And I cannot help but wonder what the story is about this door and what is behind it. Even though it might ‘just’ be the bathroom. Why did the owner pick this door?

Apart from the yellow door, which I dream of having one day, I find this Swedish apartment quite interesting. Just look at all the wonderful lamps. The beautiful Alvar Alto chairs and the Eames Hang it All. This place will stay in my mind for quite some time, I’m pretty sure of that. This one I’ll return to more than once, just to look at the details.

Images: Alvhem