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Christmas Gift Guide – For Dad

The kids love to pick out presents for my husband and I. They get super excited every time, and they sure know which presents they bought for us – even years later. This year I’ve collected a few things that I know my husband would love. I’ll either go into the city with the kids, or enjoy a quiet afternoon at home with them while shopping for the perfect gift online.

My man loves cooking and baking bread. Therefore, most of the gifts this year are culinary related.  So far these items have made the list.  Gift guide for dad

Gifts for dad
Crispy lowball glass from Frederik Bagger
A Keep Cup from Blok18
A Smartmat for the tablet designed by Eva Solo
A little love note – A You + Me = Awesome print by ReStyle
A cool breadpot from Kunst & Køkkentøj
The Nordic Cookbook by Magnus Nilsson
Njord Distilled Mother Nature Gin
Cookbook – Mad med omtanke by Thomas Alcayaga (How to cook delicious meals with your leftovers) – not pictured

Gifts for a Star Wars kid

My boy is growing up fast. A few months back, an older boy we know said that he could now see that my boy was getting older. It was just after my boy had turned six years old, and he started asking for more Lego among other things. Shopping for his Christmas gifts this year only made me more aware of the fact that my boy is more attuned to what is out there. He’s more specific about what he wants to add to his wishlist.

This year it’s all about Star Wars. Apart from the Lego Star Wars things, which I’ve written a post about right here, I’ve got a few other things in mind for him this Christmas.

I’ve already got the cool Empire Strikes Back poster from the Etsy shop Handz. If my boy likes it, as much as I do, I’m thinking about getting the other two as well. I’m waiting for a frame for the poster, but I’ll show you as soon as I get it framed. Keep an eye out for it on Instagram.

gifts star wars fan 1. Star Wars Stormtrooper mask
2. Darth Vader bath wrap
3. Star Wars poster Empire Strikes Back by Handz
4. Darth Vader mask
5. Master Yoda

9 cute rubber stamps from Etsy

I don’t know which one of us is most excited about rubber stamps. But my daughter and I love to decorate presents and cards using different rubber stamps. It’s just as much fun (if not more) than buying the actual present. We’ve got a busy birthday season coming up, so I thought it would be nice to add a few stamps to our collection.
Etsy rubber stamps Collage I’ve been looking at different rubber stamps to add to our collection.  I’ve found quite a few on Etsy, and today I want to share some of my favourite ones from the Etsy shop JapaneseRubberStamps.

1. Cute honeybee
2. Fresh fruit stamp – lemon
3. Pink paw stamps
4. Home Sweet Home house stamp
5. Homemade cooking stamp
6. Cute balloon stamps
7. Yummy macaron stamps
8. Apple stamp with initials or name
9. Camera stamp

Back to work

Monday you bastard print

Today my summer vacation ended. Right now I’m on my way to Copenhagen for a few days. It’s pure work-related, so unfortunately, I will not have time to visit any shops or get a great cup of coffee while I’m there, but I’ll post a few pictures on Instagram that’s for sure. It also means that I have to leave the kids. They will stay with my parents on and off for the next week, while my husband and I are at work.

In Gothenburg I found a sign with the above statement. That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now. I so wanted  to add another week to my vacation. However, that’s not an option. Anyway,  I’m loving the statement – and might have to buy this print on Etsy.

For those of you out there still on vacation – remember to enjoy every minute of it.

Have a lovely week.

More stationary on Etsy

While looking for more pencils, I also found a few prints, stickers and a pillow. I’ve found e few more sets of pencils – and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to buy them all. It’s impossible to choose.

Etsy shopping 2 Find it on Etsy right here – 1234

Etsy shopping 3

Find it on Etsy right here: – 1234

Etsy shopping 1

Find it on Etsy right here: – 1234