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Fall moments

It’s been quiet in here for some time partly due to my foot surgery. It’s nothing major, but it had me in bed for almost a week. I’m slowly walking around our home now – one step at a time. On top of it, I’m trying to chase away a cold, but it’s not working yet. I cannot wait to go outside later today. It’s a test walk – because I have to get up and go to work tomorrow – and I need to see if I can walk around in shoes. skaermbillede-2016-10-09-kl-10-55-48 I’ve been dreaming about fall, cozy nights with hot chocolate, lots and lots of books, blankets and lit candles all around our home. I just bought Kubus 4 – the cool grey one – and I’ve been enjoying it very much. It’s such a pretty color. I posted the above picture on Instagram yesterday, because I was going mad. I really wanted to go outside. If you want to get inspired by this lovely season, check out my new board Fall moments on Pinterest.

A black and white family home

I’ve got one more thing I want to share with you today, besides from my Easter egg craving, which I wrote about in my previous post today. Last weekend, I came across this beautiful family home in Sweden. I really love some of the ideas, like the grey stools. I’ve got some from Ikea that would look great in different shades of grey. The kid’s room os also pretty cool, if you ask me. They’ve found some cool toys for that kid. SFD0D7254461E0746088706013F7264EB73_1920x SFD8A8A6C5E74D0403981AFBA76899AAD05_1920x SFD87B1B28FCEB14D7D97D483ACFC81329C_1920x SFD869AAE4A74F1491FB8CA43FCDBDD41A6_1920x SFD971BC036AD8A413EB0394C24DD7B6960_1920x SFD264487B18E2E49DA8C1E689CFF0714A7_1920x SFDA776A77CB98C4E4AAAA1E5CD275CD2CD_1920x SFDFA07DB6BB5CB4B429AF243EAB72BC9F2_1920x SFDED523B5F516C4B55BB430B5FE51C9EF4_1920x SFD084A81C7EAF740F2BEFF8B63C5336A1B_1920x SFD8F6C89446E814CCDA8A7897C8B74DD59_1920x

Images: Fantastic Frank

Family home inspiration on a grey day

Today, I’m in need of some family home inspiration.

It’s one of those horrible days. The kids didn’t sleep well, and neither did the parents. Everyone is way too tired to function normally. On top of it, they are both coughing, and it can go both ways. How are you holding up these days?

So today, I really need some inspiration, and later I really need to cuddle and do nothing at all with the kids.

I’ll leave you with a beautiful family home, which I find quite interesting. I like the simplicity of the interior, the black, white, grey scale mixed with a lot of green plants. After the night we’ve had, I’m seriously considering buying a larger bed, or placing a bed for either my husband or me in my boy’s room. I’m really inspired by the one in this family home.

Family home inspiration Family home inspiration Family home inspiration Family home inspiration Family home inspiration Family home inspiration Family home inspiration Family home inspiration

Images: Stadshem

Beautiful family home in Norway

It’s finally Friday – the kids are in bed sleeping after a long week. We’ve just returned from the summer party in the kindergarden. In a few minutes I’ll be drinking gin tonics with an old friend.

I’ve found this amazing looking family home in Norway on Ikea Family Live. I’m inspired and would like to redecorate the home once again. But first, we’re going to make a new bed for my boy, who broke his very old Juno bed a few weeks ago.

This home is so bright and full of light, and  I love the great details like the moodboard, the lights, the storage solutions. Have a look around and enjoy the weekend.

Skærmbillede 2013-06-21 kl. 19.21.39 Skærmbillede 2013-06-21 kl. 19.21.54 Skærmbillede 2013-06-21 kl. 19.22.19 Skærmbillede 2013-06-21 kl. 19.22.38 Skærmbillede 2013-06-21 kl. 19.22.55 Skærmbillede 2013-06-21 kl. 19.23.07 Skærmbillede 2013-06-21 kl. 19.23.19 Source: Ikea Family Live


Oslo living with Elisabeth Heier

I’ve been corresponding with the lovely Elisabeth Heier for a few weeks now. I wanted to show you guys her beautiful Olso home. It’s so bright and cozy, and Im pretty sure that you’d feel right at home, when you enter her home.

Her city home is filled with beautiful details, ethnic pieces, beautiful black and white prints and a burning fire right in the middle. The combination of white and raw elements make this place stand out. Every room has been through a transformation, and her sense for details – yeah well, it’s obvious that she really knows what she is doing.

And you’re in luck – if you’re looking for a place in Oslo – her home has just been put up for sale right here. Elisabeth and her family will leave the center of Oslo, and a new and greener adventure awaits. For more inspiration please visit her blog. Make sure you’re not in a rush, because you’ll be there for awhile.

Thanks Elisabeth for letting me use your beautiful pictures. And Good luck with the sale 🙂

Have a lovely and sunny Sunday out there!







020213_lykkeliten1 kids room (son)



230113_labels storage kids room

Source: Elisabeth Heier and finn.no