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Fantastic Oslo

I should be reading about Hamburg City, so I would know where to shop and where to eat the perfect brunch on a Sunday morning, but I just have to share this home with you. But if you have any great Hamburg tips, please drop me a line in a comment.

It’s a fantastic home in Oslo, unfortunately I don’t know much about it. But I know one thing: it’s incredible. It’s the perfect example that you can live stylish and with designer items, when you have kids in the home. The menu board is such a great idea – especially when you have kids, and things tend to get a little hectic in the afternoon.

Images: via Koolandkreativ

Living small as a family

I promised you that I would return to this apartment. To me it’s pretty special, because it contains pretty much everything I imagine when thinking about a cozy home. It’s very Danish to me, and something I really enjoy looking at.

It’s very inspiring to me, because it is in fact a family home of four people. Imagine that, four people living like this (read this cool) in an apartment which is (only) 80 square metre.

The way the family has chosen to arrange their furniture, and divide the room into a living room/ dining room/home office is well done. It’s a small room, but they’ve managed to create small rooms within the big room. By sticking mainly to black and white, the room doesn’t feel crowded at all. But the hints of color here and there just gives the room that homely feeling.

Notice how every corner has been used. Like this storage section. It’s so cool, and indispensable in a small place like this. And to me books will always bring that cozy atmosphere into a home. The bedroom is the perfect example of that as well. It’s a nice detail with the wallpaper and the shelves filled with books. I could see myself relaxing in that corner with a cup of coffee and one of their many books.

And, I’m tempted to say, the most important room in the apartment. Living with two kids in an apartment can be quite challenging – when it comes to decorating that is. I really like this room. The bed solution is brilliant, and a cool place for playing. I love the fact that the floor is darker, which also gives the room that cozy, playfull feeling. The yellow desk is perfect. It doesn’t take up a lot of room, and it can contain a lot of things/paper/crafts and toys.

Images: Bolig Magasinet

Roslagsgatan, Stockholm

Yet again I find myself carried away by the beautiful pictures from Fantastic Frank, and of course the amazing space right in the centre of Stockholm.

Living with two kids under the age of six in the middle of a city makes you extremely aware of your living space – of at least that is the case in our home. You have to come up with different solutions as the kids grow up – and it’s always with a limited amount of rooms and space. In our case we rent our apartment, so our options are rather limited. We cannot tear down  a wall or put one up to create an extra room.

Even though it bugs me at times, it’s also what keeps me going. I love to come up with new solutions, rearrange rooms or corners to make them fit our current needs.

And now I’ll return to the wonderful apartment in Stockholm. I love how they’ve made a room for sleeping and a room for play. The fact that the adults can work/play in the same room, where the kids are playing is wonderful, because we all know how things turn out in the end right?

Lastly I want to highlight a few details that I particularly love about this place.

– The stove to rule them all. This is my idea of heaven, and the very first thing we do buy, when we move into our very own place someday.

– The bed with lots and lots of storage underneath. I just haven’t figured out the construction of this bed yet.

– Of course the various versions of the String shelves.

– And the view of course.

Images: Fantastic Frank

The String place

Five things I like about this place:

* The adorable room for the kid. Nicely picked interior, and it looks like a room, where you would want to play all day long.

* The String shelves in the living room – of course. It’s a light – and yet very spacious.

*The old Eames chairs in the home. There’s just something special about the old edition.

* The clock in the kitchen

* The storage solutions in the kid’s room

Images: bo-laget