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Interior inspiration – bunkbed

It’s Friday and I’m off to a dance party at the school. The calendar is packed with meetings and activities these weeks. I hardly have any time to finish some of the interior projects, which we’ve started. Tomorrow, I’m going to the Finders Keepers fair here in Aalborg – I hope to return with a lot of inspiration and maybe a thing or two.

One of the things which inspired me lately is a bunkbed project by Susanna Vento. What a beauty – and it’s so practical. I love the storage space in each bunk. You can see many others photos of the project on Instagram #projectbunkbed – it’s almost a step by step guide.

bunkbed6-via-varpunen bunkbed7

Images: Varpunen



Friday Inspiration

Fredagens inspiration er fra Göteborg. Lejligheden er på 49 kvm, med 2 rum og et køkken. Hyggeligt ser der jo ud, især læsekrogen i vinduet. Den feminine stil går jo igen overalt i lejligheden. Jeg er ikke så sikker på, at jeg kunne bo der. Men jeg er imponeret over hvor gennemført det er.

Today I got inspired when I saw this apartment. It’s very cozy and feminine. I’m not quite sure I could live in a place like this. But I’m impressed by her consistency.

Images: Alvhem