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The relaunch & garden inspo

I’ve been away from Espresso Moments for quite a few months now. I’ve been busy working and spending time with friends and family. However, I thought I would return with some garden inspo. More about that later in this post, but first something about why I’ve decided to return.

I did try a comeback a few times during the first half of this year, simply because I wasn’t finished with this blog-thing. But time and time again life got in the way of blogging, and it went quiet in here again. But this time, I’m really going to get my act together and start posting again. I really miss this place, and I’ve got some time on my hands now, so why not relaunch this thing?

I know it’s time to start my summer vacation in a few weeks, but hopefully I’ll be inspired to still check in here once or twice a week. If not, then I can assure you that I’ll be back full time at the end of July.

Garden Inspo
Right now it’s supposed to be summer here in Denmark – but it comes as no surprise that it’s quite windy here and not that warm yet. But we’ve still got to take care of our garden. We’ve got a few plans and projects for this summer, but I’m not sure we’ll finish all of them this year. I’ve been collecting pictures on Pinterest in order to show my husband, what I had in mind. So here’s a collection of some of the pictures I’ve showed him.

Garden inspo

Source: 123456

Rent a garden in urban NY

While working the other day, I came across this clip on BBC. Imagine your own garden in NY. And the best thing is, you rent it by the hour. The garden is nestled between two buildings in Manhattan. The concept was created by Jacqui Kavanagh.

See the clip here.

Living in a flat, I would love to have this opportunity. It would be a fun way to ask people over for a garden party, even if you live in the middle of a city in an apartment. Hopefully, this concept will expand to other places in the world. I really like this pop-up trend going on right now.

Images: BBC


Hus og hyggelig have i Göteborg

Jeg er helt solgt. Sidder seriøst og overvejer en flytning til det svenske lige nu. Jeg har fundet det fineste hus, med masser af flotte detaljer og ikke mindst den hyggeligste have. Huset har seks værelser, er på 164 kvm. Så slå benene op, på denne dejlige fredag, og drøm dig væk til Sverige.

Hvem vil ikke gerne have sådan et flot værelse?

Se mange flere billeder af dette fantastiske hjem her.

Images: Stadshem