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Too cool for school – Girl clothes edition

Today, I want to share some cool back to school clothes with you. This post will only focus on clothes for girls – in this case my tween girl. I’ll then return with a boy edition in a few days. So, this back to school thing… well we’ve been hit by the “back to school craziness” big time this year. We’ve had way too much to take care of in the past two weeks, with our boy participating in a new television show for kids (which by the way was a fantastic experience – but more about that later, when they are done filming the show) and meetings. Our girl is now on 5th grade ans she’s loving every minute of it – she’s learning the German language now. She’s turning into a real teen before our very eyes, and clothes is very much a part of her transformation. Could someone please turn back time?

She’s much more into having “the right clothes” than she’s ever been. She knows what she wants, and it’s so funny listening to her talk about wanting “blogger glasses” and so on. I’ve made a collage of some of the clothes from Zara, which is currently on her wishlist.

Too cool for school - girl

Shopping list:
Red knitted sweater
School bag
Pants with text
Black jeggins
Black leather boots
Lightning boots
Pink knitted sweater

Making a wishlist for my daughter

Today my daughter and I started looking at things to add to her wishlist. We’ve been talking about things to add for a while now. But sooner or later people will start asking for a list, so I figured why not get started now. Here are some of the things she picked out so far. I’ll add a few more things as we get closer to Christmas.

Wishlist girl Christmas


Get it right here: Nomess Balsabox Personal boxpink Muuto E27 lamp – Hay pillowHay TwinsPols Potten Dream GlobePrint by Froh und Frau himmel rosa

Pigeværelse med altan

En heldig lille pige har fået sit helt eget værelse med udgang til en hyggelig altan. Lejligheden er et godt eksempel på, hvordan familieliv kan fungere på 68 kvm. Kom med indenfor i pigeværelset i lejligheden i Göteborg.

A small room for a little girl. A good example of how to create space for family life, even though you live in a small apartment. Check out the cute details in the room.

Jeg elsker den indbyggede reol – det skaber så meget hygge i rummet.

Sengetøjet er så sødt. De runde kasser er perfekte til sådan et hjørne – og geniale, når legetøjet skal gemmes væk.

Se billeder af hele hjemmet her.

Images: Alvhem