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Spring cleaning on my Mac

I was just spring cleaning my desktop on my mac. I was supposed to paint some more, but I just needed a clean canvas before class.

I saved these pictures from Fantastic Frank some time ago, and I forgot to share them here on Espresso Moments. Just now, I got inspired all over again, and might do something similar in my boy’s room. He’s getting a desk for a ‘big boy’ tomorrow, and I need some decoration on the wall above the desk.

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Images: Fantastic Frank

Prints on the wall

I’ve been looking for new prints again. January sort of put everything on hold, and I didn’t finish my new project – finding prints for our white wall. So now that I’m on top of the world again, I figured it was about time to start looking again. I’ve picked out a few prints today.



spot___forever_1000px -1- Laugh by About graphics -2- drop me a line by About graphics -3- Aalborg by Friday Twenty2 -4- Forever yours by About graphics -5- spot or dot by About graphics

Frederiksberg Living

Tonight I’m going to take you inside an apartment in the Frederiksberg area in Copenhagen. I saw this apartment for the first time one month ago, when I was sitting in my living room, with my feet up, a cup of coffee in one hand and Bolig Magasinet in the other.

I love the mix of expensive designer objects with Ikea items. The fact that the alle the walls are white makes it even more spacious for me. And I like that the couple chose to paint the floor black in the kitchen and the hallway – to give it some edge. Black, white and grey mixed with different colors has always been my favourite way to decorate my home. I like it clean and yet playful.

Images: Bolig Magasinet

Little studio

Little studio is a cute little shop that I would like to share with you guys. And don’t worry, shipment is worldwide, and in April and May it’s free if you buy a pillow. I think I might be tempted to buy something myself. The design is wonderful, and I can imagine several items in my home already. The posters for little people are so cute too. Check out the shop right here.

Images: little studio