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Hamburg Moments

Hamburg moments text

My husband and I just returned from yet another fantastic trip to Hamburg. I wanted to share a few where, when and what’s with you from our latest trip. We often stay in a flat, but almost always in the St. Pauli area.

Where to stay ➳ We stayed at east

Where to get your cup of coffee ➳ I would highly recommend you check out Nord Coast Coffee Roastery and less political (Hermetic coffee roasters)

When to visit the city ➳ Every single day of the year – we’ve been there spring, summer, fall and winter.

Where to get a decent burger and sweet potato fries ➳ Check out Brooklyn Burger Bar and Otto’s Burger (Try the salted caramel shake!)

Where to find food trucks ➳ Street food session Yum!

Where to shop ➳ Get away from the high streets – and explore all the cool little shops. This time I bought quite a few things in Kauf Dich Glücklich

Where to eat pizza (to die for) Das Mehl – we went there in November and loved every bite of pizza – I hope they’ll find a new location soon

What to do on a rainy day Visit Miniature Wunderland – it’s not just for kids – adults will love it too

Have a fantastic day xoxo


So how about those presents….


After spending a wonderful long weekend in Hamburg last weekend, I’ve been really busy at work. Things are changing and my head has been elsewhere.

I want to give you a few tips about where to eat in Hamburg – but I’ll have to leave it for another post. I’m in love with the city, and my husband did some amazing research and found quite a few spots worth writing about.

It’s already the second Sunday in December, and I’m still trying to figure out what to buy for my family. Right now I should be shopping online for some of the presents, but I just don’t know what to buy for all of them.

We’ve been baking and making chocolate treats for Christmas today, and the rest of my family is relaxing right now. I think I’ll join the kids for a Christmas movie now, and do the shopping some other time. Have a lovely Sunday <3

Back home again

I’m a bit lost these days. I’ve been without my iPhone (again) for almost 14 days, and somehow that made it a bit more complicated to capture moments from our trip to Hamburg. But we did bring a camera, I just need to look through the pictures first. I hope to do that during the week.

Skærmbillede 2013-10-20 kl. 19.33.33

But we did enjoy a few days in the amazing city – and my daughter loved it as well. We’re already looking at dates for our next visit. But it’ll just be the two of us then – and the kids’ll stay at home. It turned out to be a bit of a shopping trip – we hadn’t planned that though. I’ll write up a few tips and must see places during the week as well. So stay tuned for that.

I’ll enjoy the last few hours of my vacation – and catch up on some reading. First on my list is the new online magazine NIB Hjemme. And then I’ll go explore the forum on Blogging Your Way. Class begins on November 1st – and I’m so ready to get inspired again.

A Hamburg state of mind

I’m in a Hamburg state of mind and I cannot wait to visit the amazing city again soon. This time I’ll introduce my 7 year old girl to the city.

This would be my ultimate collection of great things to pack – except for the concrete diamond of course. But it just reminds me of Hamburg. In many ways Hamburg is just that – an beautiful diamond made of concrete.

Hambur Mood

All the pictures (except the Wallpaper guide) can be found on my Pinterest boards.

My Instaweek

I just cleaned out the table – had an early breakfast date with a bunch of lovely girls and their cute kids. My little man is sleeping now and my gal is out swimming with her dad. So it is quiet here.

We’ve cleaned out the attic, and gave a lot of old clothes and toys to Mødrehjælpen yesterday. Phew, now we can actually just move the stuff up there instead of having to look through a lot of old stuff. I also got my hair cut, and am now ready for a short week at work. I’ll be drinking my coffee in Paris pretty soon.

#1 Day 11 – This is where I eat my breakfast every day. Out current kitchen is quite dark, so I cannot wait to move into our new an bright kitchen.

#2 Day 12 – these are the stairs right outside our apartment door. I’ve walked up and down these stairs too many times, with and without kids and bags.

#3 Day 13 – I found these lamps in a magazine, and thought they would look cool as part of the interior of our new terrace.

#4 Dinner from Kim’s Kitchen and Cola fra Hamburg – pure bliss.

#5 Weekend entertainment. Movie night with my man. It’s a great way to “go out” without actually going out.

Have a lovely Sunday out there – I’ll be enjoying the sunny day with the kids this afternoon.

Lovely Hamburg

I’ve just returned from a few days in lovely Hamburg. It was my very first time there – and I must admit, I’ve got a bit of a crush. It’s such an interesting city, and so beautiful this time of the year. My husband and I had an amazing time, and it’s the perfect city to visit for a weekend away.

I’ll return with a travel guide as soon as I’ve looked through our pictures. Hopefully they’ll be good enough to post – we only bought our phone.

I’ll leave you with a picture inside Stilwerk – notice the chair hanging from the ceiling.

Image: Private