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Decorating a tween room

It’s all about decorating our tween’s room these days. We’ve been talking about buying a new bed for our girl for quite some time. Some of you might remember me writing about building a ‘storage bed’ for her earlier this year. We kind of left it at that. But now we’re at it again. Trying to find the best solution for us and her. And buying a bed she’ll like in a few years time as well. She’ll turn 11 in January, so the bed has to be fit for a teen.

She’s taken an interest in decorating, and she likes to watch videos about decorating. I’ve been watching some of them with her, in order for me to help her find the things that she likes. We’ve come up with this list so far. We’re not certain about the bed yet, but right now it’s on top of her list.

The happy tween

Black Wrong London lamp from Hay | ampersand print | Strokes beddingHouse Doctor Drops vase pink | Kopardal bed | Hello Kuddfodral pillow | Wildflower quilted blanket


On my Christmas wishlist

While I’m busy buying gifts for the whole family and friends, I decided to pick out a few things from my own wishlist to show you.

my wishlist Collage On my wishlist this year:

Check out my Pinterest board right here for more inspiration and to see my ongoing wishlist. I update it from time to time during the year, and then I pick out some of the gifts I’ve collected and email the links to friends and family. Somehow, they are not as impressed by the whole Pinterest thing as me 😉 Hopefully, one day they’ll see how practical it really is.

House Doctor Moments

I’m really enjoying the new catalogue from Danish House Doctor. I’ve been reading and looking at beautiful pictures for the last couple of days – and I’ve found more than a few items I want to buy this fall. Hopefully, I’ll have tome to highlight a few of them in a post next week.

It’s too early for Christmas decorations yet (at least for me) – but if you’re as crazy about that time of year as I am – then you should take an extra look at their catalogue  right here.

Have a wonderful Sunday out there. housedoctor_M14_2d housedoctor_M14_13a housedoctor_M14_20a housedoctor_M14_53a housedoctor_M14_89a housedoctor_M14_96a

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