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I’m reading BRYGG

Skærmbillede 2015-05-07 kl. 13.28.56 Skærmbillede 2015-05-07 kl. 13.30.14 Skærmbillede 2015-05-07 kl. 13.30.29 Just to give you a quick update today, I wanted to share with you a little reading tip – that is, if you love everything about coffee and coffee making. May I introduce BRYGG – a Norwegian magazine for coffee lovers. I’m currently reading some of the interesting articles, which you can find right here. Read more about the magazine and who’s behind it here.

Enjoy your day <3

Photos: BRYGG

Magazine love

This week I’ve been reading and re-reading the wonderful new iPad magazine Trendenser.

Frida Ramstedt did a perfect job with this first issue. I must say, I’m very very impressed. To be honest, I couldn’t see the point in subscribing to a magazine on my iPad until I saw Trendenser.

I bought a subscription right away, and while I wait for the next issue – I just know I will be re-reading this premiere issue over and over again.

Some of the topics I liked most in the first issue include the styling af the bedroom (see cover), the cute DIY projects, the how to guide and the shopping guide. The shopping guide made me want to go to Sweden this summer with the kids. So, later today, I’ll be looking at hotels in Gothenburg.

So, on this rainy Sunday – if you have a moment to yourself, you should check out this new iPad magazine.

I’ll be unpacking the last boxes today, and try to decide where to put some of our stuff. Have a lovely day.

Source: Picture borrowed from Trendenser