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Summer time in the tween bedroom

The kids have been at soccer camp all week, and my husband and I are still busy with work. Two weeks to go before I can sit back and enjoy my summer holiday with the rest of the family.

Tweend bedroom ikea bed

But I’m planning to rearrange a few things in our home before that. Last weekend we ended up buying the Ikea bed for my daughter, which I mentioned in this post. She’s crazy about it. Last night we watched The Karate Kid (her for the first time – and me reliving one of favourite childhood movies) in her bed. We both slept in it last night, which was really cozy. The bedding from Sirlig, which I mentioned in the last post as well is on sale right now, and I just clicked two home for the family. My daughter has been talking about it for ages, so I hope I’ll get an OMG out of her when she sees it.

We still need to decide on prints in her room. I’m not into a whole wall filled with Christopher posters, so we’ll need to find a middleway. I’ve been collecting a few free prints on Pinterest, and then we’ll find a few together.

free prints tween bedrppm Collage

All three prints are free. Find the Throw kindness around like confetti here,  the Everything is awesome print here and the moon phase print here.


It’s a working vacation

Skærmbillede 2014-04-18 kl. 10.04.42

First of all, Happy Easter from Aalborg. I hope you’re enjoying some time with your family and loved ones.

I’ve been keeping busy at home for almost a week now. It’s my Easter vacation, and the four of us are enjoying spending time at home, visiting friends, staying up late, cooking new dishes and cakes and of course redecorating our home.

After a much needed spring cleaning, I can now concentrate on moving things around in our home – trying out different spots and creating new installations. I’m loving it.

Right now we’re in the middle of a kitchen make-over. We’ve hated the kitchen ever since we saw the home for the first time. So we were never in doubt about the future of it. We just needed to live and cook in it for some time, before deciding on what to keep and what to change. foto 2 We decided on painting our kitchen cabinets instead of getting a whole new kitchen. In less than a week our kitchen will be grey. We decided on the same shade of grey (grey ral 7004) as the String shelves. A large blackboard is also in the making right now.

foto 1 Our rood top terrace is also on our list before heading back to work again. We’ve bought fresh herbs and an olive tree, and after another round of oil we’re ready to dig out the Garpen lounge furniture we bought at Ikea last year. I cannot wait to sit out there at night, reading and enjoying a cold drink. You can see pictures from last year right here, here and here.

Today, I’m also getting ready for yet another round of Blogging Your Way. This time our co-teacher will be Tina Fussell from Traveling Mama. I’ve been reading her blog for ages, and she’s such an inspiration. I love seeing Copenhagen through her eyes. I cannot wait for class to start on Monday.

A Family Sunday

Skærmbillede 2014-02-09 kl. 17.27.18 Just a quick hello from me. I’m taking things slow today, playing games with my son, writing birthday cards with my girl, planning next week, looking for inspiration in our new cookbook (New York Cult recipes), getting things done in the kitchen and uploading pictures and text for sale on Den Blå Avis.  I’ve collected a lot of toys – and in order to make room for the new stuff, we need to sell some of it.

In a minute, I’ll enjoy yet another delicious soup made by my husband. Have a lovely Sunday evening out there.

Picture: from my Instagram account @espressomoments

Things I’ve bought lately

New beauties

I’ve been a very lucky girl this season. In the last days of December, we bought a few beautiful design icons for our home. Some of them have been on my wish list for years. I cannot wait for the last things to arrive.

Along with some of our Christmas presents, well now our dining room/my work corner/ our library is coming together. I’ve hated this part of our home ever since we moved in, because we hadn’t found a proper solution yet.

But now I enjoy walking into the room, and I can actually relax, when I’m in here reading or simply relaxing. I don’t get lost in thoughts like “Oh, we could add this piece of furniture in here, or this painting”. It’s a wonderful feeling.

AJ lampMilk LampAalborg printKubus 1Kubus bowl

How I imagine my night

I shared this picture on Instagram today. It was taken on Sunday, where I had a few hours all to myself. I relaxed, drank coffee, read blogs and this wonderful Danish book about getting the most out of your life. I’m so inspired to go out there and make the most of it.

My Sunday

I think it’s a January thing. These days I find it really exhausting getting out of bed in the morning, then I drag myself to work, write articles all day long, try not to fall asleep on my way to pick up the kids and then we all go home and play cards and drink something hot. It’s nice to relax at home after long day.

My boy’s room

I’ve just returned from my gandmother’s 87th birthday. And in a few minutes time, I’ll be watching The Killing III.

But I’ve been backing up my iPhone today – and found these pictures of my boy’s room. My phone is broken, and I’ll have to use my old htc for a few weeks. So no Instagram for me for a while. But hopefully it’ll be a happy ending – I might get a brand new iPhone in return.