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7 interior items that made it to my autumn wishlist

I’m always reading blogs, looking at Instagram and Pinterest, reading magazines and looking into people’s houses – yup I do that, when I’m walking outside and it’s dark. It’s a great way to find inspiration. Therefore, my wishlist is an ongoing list, which I add stuff to weekly. I’ve got one on Pinterest (the visual version) and I’ve got one in a notebook.

This autumn I’ve added some really cool things to my wishlist – and most of them will probably make it to my Christmas wishlist as well. I love this season, and the excuse to add a few new things to your home. It really needs to be cozy, when you have to stay inside so much. What are the things you’re looking for that will add that cozy feeling to your home this season?

My Autumn Wishlist

Where to find it:
#1 I’ve found this pretty cool ceramic citrus press, which I would love to test.
#2 One of the absolute highlights I’ve found this week are the photographs taken by Maria Fynsk Norup. I absolutely adore this one called Morning Flight and I would love for it to hang in my living room.
#3 This little fella is a self watering device, and it’s small and simple, which I love.
#4 Ever since we bought a new sofa I’ve been looking for pillows or pillow cases. This green pillow would add that autumn feeling, which I’m looking for.
#5 If we add a bit of paint (I’ve got some leftovers from when we painted my boy’s room this summer), this Mercury wall lamp  would be fantastic in out home.
#6 I’m still obsessed with everything pinkish – and this Afternoon Chair plus dusty rose is no exception. It would look great around our new dining room table (if we ever decide to act on the current choice that is)
#7 Last but not least, I’ve had my eye on this cool wire shelf. This is such a Charlotte -item, because in my head, I can see it in every room in our home. When that happens, I keep thinking about the item, and that when I know I’ll be happy every time I look at it.

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Black and white photographs

Lately, I’ve come across some beautiful black and white photographs, which I’m seriously considering above our sofa.

The first picture I’ve found on Coco Lapine’s shop. It’s called Black Beach. It’s a beautiful picture of a rock formation touched by the ocean on the black beach, photographed in Iceland. The second is also from her shop, and it’s called Snowy Tree, which was photographed in Munich. The third picture Decordots’ shop. It’s called Rainy Day, and it’s a photo of raindrops on a window.

I’m thinking about buying them all, and then change the photographs on the wall from time to time. The Snowy Tree would be perfect this time of year.

cocolapine-beach-black-print coco-lapine-snow scandinavian-monochrome-bedroom-ohhio-chunky-blanket-and-rainy-day-print-by-anu-tammiste-1

Images: Coco Lapine and Decordots

Friday Cravings from Foto Factory

This week an email landed in my inbox. After opening it, well, to tell you the truth, I haven’t been able to think about much else since. The mail from JustSpotted.dk was full of amazing photos by Foto Factory. Photos of some of my favourite parts of Denmark. Beautiful pictures of landscape and the beautiful nature here in Denmark. I’m finding it extremely hard picking out which photo to hang on my wall. But I’m quite certain that I’ll end up buying at least one. Here are a selection of some of my favourite photos. Which one would you pick?

SOLNEDGANG OVER STAVNS FJORD - foto factory RAABJERG MILE fot factory LØKKEN STRAND - foto factory HAVET VED SKAGEN - foto factory BÅDE VED STAVNS FJORD foto factory BADEBRO VED BALLEN - foto factory Photo #1 – Solnedgang over Stavns Fjord
Photo #2 – Raabjerg Mile
Photo #3 – Løkken Strand
Photo #4 – Havet ved Skagen
Photo #5 – Både ved Stavns Fjord
Photo #6 – Badebro ved Ballen

My Instacanv.as is now open

This week my Instacanv.as opened for business. It’ll be a fun experience for me – no doubt about that. I think it is a wonderful idea to be able to buy beautiful art from all over the world.

You can see all my pictures in my gallery right here.

I’m off to see the carnival here in Aalborg with my family – so have a nice and warm day out there.