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Summer in the garden

Yes, summer is finally here. I don’t know about you guys, but I was more than ready for a bit of summer. Not sticky hot, but just a bit of warmth and a reason to eat outside in the garden. We’re slowly getting an idea of what we want to do in the garden this year. We’re, let us be honest, not garden people, but we love a bit of coziness and hygge outside with friends. The fact that our garden is rather big, and the old lady downstairs can’t do anything out there anymore, well we don’t have enough time, or passion to do a total makeover of the garden alone. Hopefully, a nice family will move in downstairs next, and then we can work on the garden together.

Whenever I’m trying to decide something in relation to decorating, I usually end up creating a board like this one. It helps me bring together all the elements, and then I can show my husband my ideas. He gets tired of my numerous pins on Pinterest. So I guess this is the perfect solution. For this board, I had a look at Ikea’s website for inspiration and added a few extra things.

Summer in the garden – Shoppinglist:

Solvinden lamp – These I simply love!
Olive tree – I might just have a go at this one again this year
Salladskål ‘plat ladder’ – This is pretty cool if you ask me
Solvinden LED lamp
Lavendula plant
Citrus plant
Living by Heart Outdoor candle

And the most important thing, when you return with all these goods – make an Aperol Spritz and relax in your for a bit before assembling the things. There should always be time for a bit of hygge while working. I’ll soo if I can snap a few pictures of our garden when I’ve done a bot of gardening and decorating. Hopefully, I’ll be happy with the result.

The green life

It’s been a wonderful sunny weekend and we’ve been outside most of the time. Our rooftop terrace is now our extended living room – and I’m loving it. Gosh, I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed being out there.

We’re adding an urban garden in one corner again this year. The herbs are doing fine – so far. Truth be told, I’m not that good with plants and flowers. I would like to be, and this summer I’m giving it another go.

green plants

I would also love to add a bit of green inside as well. I’ve found a few plantpots that I like, and if the plant decides to die on me again… well at least I’ll have a funny plantpot.

Get you own ‘I will survive’ plantpot right here.

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Fantastic Frank & plants

I’ve had a fantastic weekend surrounded by amazing friends. So I haven’t had time to blog or read other blogs. So right now I’m trying to catch up and I just finished an exciting guest post, which will be featured on one of my favourite blogs this week. So stay tuned for that one.

Before I jump into yet another week at the office, I want to show you some beautiful pictures from Fantastic Frank. Looking at these pictures I realise that I seriously need some plants in our home. Maybe that should be my next project. Finding beautiful plants, and of course plants that I won’t be able to kill after only a few days 😉 Any suggestions?

Source: Fantastic Frank