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A Hamburg state of mind

I’m in a Hamburg state of mind and I cannot wait to visit the amazing city again soon. This time I’ll introduce my 7 year old girl to the city.

This would be my ultimate collection of great things to pack – except for the concrete diamond of course. But it just reminds me of Hamburg. In many ways Hamburg is just that – an beautiful diamond made of concrete.

Hambur Mood

All the pictures (except the Wallpaper guide) can be found on my Pinterest boards.

Magasin Living

I’m home again after another day at work and I’m browsing through the catalogue Magasin Living. I’m in the mood for shopping – and I think I’ve found the perfect place.

I’ve spotted a few interesting things in the catalogue. Take the new Lego boxes for example. They might not be new, however, I haven’t seen them in these colours before. I really like these, because they are a bit more neutral. I might actually consider buying these for the kids for Christmas.

Skærmbillede 2013-09-30 kl. 17.01.21

Skærmbillede 2013-09-30 kl. 17.01.34 I also saved the picture of this beautiful desk. I like to be organised, and I like it when there’s a spot for (almost) everything. I need to get a few more things in order to feel at home when I’m working from home. To view the entire catalogue just click here.

Samples from Hygge & West

Right now I’m waiting for two samples from Hygge & West. I really like the wallpaper designed by Lisa Congdon.

I cannot wait to see the samples in real life.  I picked out the Triangles (White/Black) and Triangles (Almost White/charcoal & gold).

Pattern Story
Lisa has always been drawn to geometric figures in her work. She started her creative journey many years ago as a quilter, and even though she stopped quilting several years ago, geometric shapes like triangles and hexagons show up in her paintings and drawings constantly. With this pattern, triangles and lines play with each other in interesting, unexpected ways. (from Hygge & West)

Source: Hygge & West

Spagat Shop

A few years ago, I bought some beautiful flowers from Spagat shop, and I enjoy looking at them every day.

And now the talented Sidsel Gaustadnes has created new Hang Arounds. I especially love her new snowflakes, but then again I’m more of a winter decoration kind of person. I only put up elfs in my kids’ rooms, and try to keep it simple in the rest of the house. Check out her shop right here.


I wish for grey this fall

I wanted to create a collage or a wishlist for quite some time now – but I never got around to it before now. But I love doing this, so hopefull this will not be my last. I’m still new at this collage thing, so please let me know what you think.

It’s getting cold outside, and it’s time to snuggle up inside with a nice warn cup of hot chocolate, your favourite book or magazine and a warm plaid. Here are some of my favourite things for fall.

1: BALlab 40 squared pillow 2: Cross Plaid by Pia Wallen 3: Cup by Line Rønnest 4: Hot water bottle by Fine Little Day 5: New grey Krenit bowl by Normann Copenhagen 6: Boxes by Bungalow 7: Pirum Parum poster by Fine Little Day 8: Urban vases by ferm LIVING



Today I’m inspired by these beautiful pictures from oyoy.


I’m on my way to work right now – but I wanted to try out the wordpress app. I think I’ll use this more in the future, because it is nice getting things done when I’m sitting in a bus anyway.

Have a lovely day.