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Inspired by ferm Living (again)

I actually think it’s my absolute favourite ferm Living collection to date. Today ferm Living released their Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection, and the catalogue is packed with beautiful new design. I cannot wait to see it all in stores soon. I found the first ten items just by browsing through the catalogue. I’m sure I’ll find even more, when I see the collection in real life. This time it’s not only for the kids, so I’ll be moving in a few new things pretty soon.

If you want to see their amazing new collection hop on over to issuu and do grab a cup of coffee. Happy shopping.

Images. Ferm Living

Vacation time

It’s vacation time here – we’re enjoying the days here in our new house, as well as a quick city break in Gothenburg, Sweden. We only stayed for two days, because we left the little one at home with his grandparents. So we enjoyed the city and the atmosphere with our  girl. We wanted to spend some time with her – just the three of us – which was amazing.

I’m planning on writing a mini guide – but since we’re off again soon – it will stay on my to-do-list for now.

I’ll return to Gothenburg in August with work – so hopefully I’ll get some time to do a bit of shopping there as well. Or get a decent cup of coffee. Have a lovely day out there.


Easter from Spagat

Normally I don’t do Easter. Or to be more specific, I don’t decorate my home with Easter bunnies, eggs or other Easter related stuff.

But last weekend, when we were emptying my grandparents house, my daughter got a bag full of Easter decorations. And the year before, she got another bag, almost the same size full of chickens, Easter eggs and what have you. So I think I might actually try something very different this year. I know she’ll love it, and we’ll be having my family over for Easter brunch/lunch too. So why not?

But just to please my own eyes, I might add a few things from Spagat’s Easter collection. I bought flowers years ago, and I still smile when I look at them. So of course, Spagat was the first place I looked, when I decided to look for pretty Easter things.

Images: Spagat on Etsy

An iPad stand

The thing with gadgets is that you’re sure that additional purchases are unavoidable. So here I am surfing the net for an iPad holder – and I found this beautiful one. But you all know that it doesn’t stop here.

Image: Sample

Hip Shops – London

“When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” – Samuel Johnson

That’s how I feel too. I’ve loved London from the very first time I sat foot in the city. It’s the city I love to return to, the city where I relax and enjoy the atmosphere. So when I found the web site Hip Shops, which shows you the best of the best shops in various cities around the globe.

In this post, I’ll take you on a trip to the coolest home deco shops in London.


Info: It’s the brain child of local girl, Lizzie Evans, a graphic and interior designer. Style: Design objects from around the world, 1950s furnitures. Where: 13, Camden Passage, Islington Online: www.ifeelsmug.com


Info: Caravan is owned by the interior stylist and author, Emily Chalmers. Style: Caravan offers a wide range of unusual and eclectic pieces. Furniture, new and old, sits amongst decorative accessories for the home. Where: 3, Redchurch Street Online: www.caravanstyle.com


Style: At Do, interior design fans can fins a wide range of household essentials, which include modern and innovative pieces of furniture, lighting and so much more. Where: 34, Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden. Online: www.do-shop.com

Images: Hip Shops