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Spagat Shop

A few years ago, I bought some beautiful flowers from Spagat shop, and I enjoy looking at them every day.

And now the talented Sidsel Gaustadnes has created new Hang Arounds. I especially love her new snowflakes, but then again I’m more of a winter decoration kind of person. I only put up elfs in my kids’ rooms, and try to keep it simple in the rest of the house. Check out her shop right here.


Easter from Spagat

Normally I don’t do Easter. Or to be more specific, I don’t decorate my home with Easter bunnies, eggs or other Easter related stuff.

But last weekend, when we were emptying my grandparents house, my daughter got a bag full of Easter decorations. And the year before, she got another bag, almost the same size full of chickens, Easter eggs and what have you. So I think I might actually try something very different this year. I know she’ll love it, and we’ll be having my family over for Easter brunch/lunch too. So why not?

But just to please my own eyes, I might add a few things from Spagat’s Easter collection. I bought flowers years ago, and I still smile when I look at them. So of course, Spagat was the first place I looked, when I decided to look for pretty Easter things.

Images: Spagat on Etsy

My inspiration this week

This week I’ve been trying to coordinate some of the things I have to get ready before Christmas. We’ve decided to try and buy as many presents as possible before December begins, because we would rather relax and enjoy all the different things going on in the city in December. So instead of waiting in line, we’ll be enjoying ice skating and the ferris wheel. I’ll be decorating the home next week and hopefully I’ll get around to creating our Advent decoration today. What are your plans for December?

Images: Stadshem, Spagat shop, Sweet Paul Magazine, Alvhem