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Nice family home

I’ve been saving these pictures, but never got around to publishing them here on the blog. It’s yet another busy week at work, and these days I’m way too tired to get things done, when I return in the late afternoon.

I really like the atmosphere in this family home. It’s such a nice mix of furniture and cool personal details all around the home.

bedroom 2 bedroom kitchen livingroom 2 livingroom room for kids Images: Stadshem


Hallway inspiration

I’ve come across this beautiful hallway while browsing on Stadshem a few weeks ago. I keep coming back to these pictures on my Mac. I’m inspired by the minimalistic yet very functional interior. I’m dreaming about doing something similar in our hallway.

Hall via Stadshem Hall via stadshem Hall via stadshem Images: Stadshem

Stockholmsgatan living

I’ll continue my smaller living theme today. I came across this beauty on Stadhem this morning. The apartment is only 38 square metre – just a tiny bit larger than my very first place. Just look at the amazing built-in-storage solutions, the cool collage above the bed and the beautiful black kitchen.

Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem1 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_3 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_2 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_5 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_6 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_7 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_4 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_8

Photos: Stadshem


The perfect place



When I saw this picture yesterday my first reaction was: Oh my god this is just perfect! What a fantastic space – and I’m just a tiny bit jealous ’cause I would love to sneak up there for some peace and quiet and get lost in a book or something.

Source: Stadshem

Life in Black & White










Sometimes it feels like I live in a black and white world. It makes me want to scream and shout. But when I add some colour to this everyday world of mine, I want to smile, laugh and embrace the people around me. The first world I have a hard time embracing ’cause I don’t think I really get that way of looking at life.

Here are some beautiful pictures from Stadshem. And I know, a black and white world can also be beautiful – just look at these homes.


Sunday night

I’m sitting at our new desk while I write this post. It’s been one of those projects, which took way too long to finish, because we couldn’t find the right table top. But now that we decided on an Ikea solution (at least for now), I must admit it’s quite nice sitting here. In the background the music is playing and I’m about to sit back, enjoy a cup of tea and read a good book before heading off to bed. Another week is just around the corner.

This weekend was a mixture of baking (an amazing cheesecake-brownie with cherries), sleepover, re-decorating, Dok#1, Tuborg Summer (while I still can), good company, coffee with friends, sleeping, making pear-fennel jam, kitchen planning and Hama with the kids.

I’m dreaming of a new kitchen – and I found a few really cool pictures on Stadshem. I really like quite a few details in this flat and the dining room.




SFDC2A0975B9CBF4B708F7538BF5212E31F_800x800 Images: Stadshem


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