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Cool storage for kids

Here is some inspiration for a rather cool storage solution for all the tiny toys your kids tend to bring to the home. I’m collecting glass jars right now, and hopefully I’ll be creating these lovlies soon. They will look great in my son’s new room.

I found them on this great blog that I’m now following called My 2nd hand life. It’s a wonderful source of inspiration, and just by reading through the posts, I’ve found a few other DIY projects, just waiting for me to get started. But more about them later on. So I highly recommend that you check out the blog here. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a project or two just by having a look around. Enjoy.

Images: My 2nd hand life

Two kids in one room

We’re actually thinking about it again. The eternal problem when living in an apartment with two kids, and not enough rooms. Luckily for us, they actually love their shared room, we would just like to rearrange it a little bit, to create more space for fun and play.

And what might actually be the most important thing – storage! With a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy they sure gather a lot of toys. Their furniture is mostly white, but their toys are colorful. And right now, there aren’t a lot of closed storage solutions in there. So we need the room to be a bit more calm and relaxing.

So once again I’m looking for inspiration online.

For more inspiration visit my board on Pinterest. I’ll be collecting a lot more inspiration there over the next few weeks.

Images: Sköna Hem, Bolig Magasinet, Style files, LirumLarumLeg, Ohdeedoh