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Back to work

I’ve just retured from Berlin (a snowy Berlin that is, which was cold but also fun to see the city like that) and today is my first day back at work after a nice long Easter break.

I’ll be writing a mini-guide about Berlin really soon. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed traveling to New York with Tina, while I was gone.

While enjoying a quiet night in the apartment in Berlin, I had the time to catch up on my online reading, and I found this really amazing Swedish apartment.

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Source: Stadshem


Fantastic Frank & plants

I’ve had a fantastic weekend surrounded by amazing friends. So I haven’t had time to blog or read other blogs. So right now I’m trying to catch up and I just finished an exciting guest post, which will be featured on one of my favourite blogs this week. So stay tuned for that one.

Before I jump into yet another week at the office, I want to show you some beautiful pictures from Fantastic Frank. Looking at these pictures I realise that I seriously need some plants in our home. Maybe that should be my next project. Finding beautiful plants, and of course plants that I won’t be able to kill after only a few days 😉 Any suggestions?

Source: Fantastic Frank

Where good food is made…

I couldn’t help but feel a bit hungry when I saw this place. It’s a fantastic kitchen. I sure the people who lives there are pretty good cooks. I would love to eat a meal in this house, or just use their kitchen once.

The rest of the place is also something special. It’s a lovely mix of styles and time periods – and the mix is very succesfull. Imagine having a drink after dinner, and reading a book here – that sure sounds great.

Source: bolaget