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If only the weather…

It’s too bad that I didn’t see this arrangement earlier. But for now, we’ll just have to collect clippings, pictures and other stuff for our makeover of our rooftop terrace next year.

This is so cozy, and imagine all the storage space. This would be perfect for what I had in mind up there.

Source: Stadshem

A cute blogger home

Today is a rather busy day in our little family. We got up early as usual, got on our bikes and drove down to feed the ducks. It was so much fun for both of them (and us). We got home two hours later, after a relaxing ride along the Limfjord. It’s just a very special place – and so relaxing.

Right now I’m busy writing a guest post – which I absolutely love – while the little one is sleeping and my husband and daughter went for a swim.

Later today friends will arrive – and we’re going to have a little party – we’re going back in time to the 1980s – I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a blast.

But before I return to my guest post, I want to share with you this cute blogger home. It belongs to Tant  Johanna.  And I’m so in love with her kitchen and her work space. What an amazing eye for details – it’s such a personal home and I love every little detail.

Source: Alvhem




Inspired by…

Today I’m inspired by these pictures – I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something… What I should be looking at is different lamps for our home, but instead I find myself going “Oh, that’s a pretty kitchen” or “I like the angles in that kitchen”. I know it’s not the right time, and I know it’s one of the projects that’ll have to wait a few years, but I can still dream about a new kitchen.

Images via Bolig Magasinet and Alvhem

Stockholm love

I’ve been in Sweden most of the week on a seminar, so I’ve been unable to write blog posts or get my daily fix. So I’m quite happy that it’s Saturday. My boy had his first day in kindergarden while I was away, and on Monday my girl will start school. We’re going to  hang out on a playground today with a few other friends. It’s nice and relaxing, and the perfect way to relax on a Saturday afternoon. And the sun is shining! Things are not dull here at all.

I want to share with you this beautiful Stockholm home. It’s bright, filled with light and filled with my favourite String systems and other favourite design items of mine. The dining corner is just amazing with the round table and the mix of chairs. A splash of colour here and there – it’s not too much – but just right. And what a lucky kid – the room is just adorable – and I love the wallpaper. I’ve been debating whether or not to buy wallpaper for my girl’s room – or if I should just paint one wall. I really need to do something about her room soon.

Source: Fantastic Frank