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When I think of pink

To be honest… pink is not the color I think about the most. But the other night, when I was sitting at home, reading blogs, and looking for interior inspiration, while the little boy was sleeping, and my man an girl were out camping, I found a pink home.

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live with pink walls. Not even my daughter can talk me into painting her walls pink.

But there is still something about this home. Somehow I find myself liking it – but I’m not sure it is because of the pink walls and wallpaper. There is a cozy feeling about it, and I wouldn’t mind relaxing in the living room with a book and a cup of coffee. But how would the men out there feel in a room like this? I just wonder. What about you, what do you think – is pink too much? Or how would you style a place using pink?

Source: Alvhem

Work on what you love…

Here’s a cool DIY project for your door. I’m considering doing the same thing, if I can find a suitable door in our new home.

The apartment belongs to blogger Charlotte, who blogs at Blackbird.Her place is for sale here, so if you’re looking for an apartment in Göteborg, this might be it. And even though you’re not home hunting you should check it out because of the cool kitchen.

Source: Alvhem

Under the roof

I making lists of things I would like to buy for our new home. Looking a webshops, looking at blogs, looking at other homes, looking in magazines – just searching everywhere for inspiration.

On top of my list is a room for each of the kids. I want them to feel at home as soon as possible, when we move. So I’m doing a lot of decorating in my head and taking notes these days. Trying to come up with perfect solutions for each of their rooms.

I found this cute room and I love the atmosphere in there. It will without a doubt be on my inspiration board, when I’m decorating my son’s room.

Image: Svensk Fastighets Förmedling