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Cool Living

I don’t remember when I found this apartment – but I’ve been going through my computer – summer cleaning I guess – and I found this from bo laget.

The apartment is full of designer furniture, and quite a few special art pieces. It’s a very special home. And what is more, it’s a family home. There’s room for toys in the living room as well.

The office – with my favourite Eames chair and the Arne Jacobsen lamp. Here there’s also room for play – notice the designer toy in the corner.

What an amazing use of the color yellow. I love this kitchen. Good morning sunshine is what comes to my mind right now. Imagine drinking your first cup of coffee here.

Notice the String table and the shelves above the table. To me it’s a bit too much with the wallpaper – I think I would have a hard time relaxing in this room, because the wallpaper is so dominating. What do you think?

Images: bo laget

For the little one

I’ve found the cutest little corner with the cutest little bed. What an amazing sense of style. I’m in love with the little bed.

What an amazing way to create a corner for the little one, and still have plenty of room for the older sibling.

Take a look at the rest of the room. Notice the chandelier and the table in the middle. What an amazing effect to use a tablecloth in the children’s room.

The home is in Gothenburg in Sweden – and it’s up for sale.

Images: Stadshem

The String place

Five things I like about this place:

* The adorable room for the kid. Nicely picked interior, and it looks like a room, where you would want to play all day long.

* The String shelves in the living room – of course. It’s a light – and yet very spacious.

*The old Eames chairs in the home. There’s just something special about the old edition.

* The clock in the kitchen

* The storage solutions in the kid’s room

Images: bo-laget


I came across these pictures last  week I think, and I’ve been meaning to post them ever since. I just love the way these pictures are styled. This is just pure genius. And a little warning, if you have a sweet tooth, don’t read any further. And if you do, you might as well put on some shoes and go down and buy candy afterwards.

Images: Fantastic Frank

Gothenburg living

Where: Johanneberg, in Gothenberg, Sweden

Size: 39 kvm

Things I love in this apartment:

* fresh flowers in multiple colours

* The light chain around the window, and the fact that it is black. I love the effect in the room.

* The lamp over the table – notice the purple cord

* The “you me we” print by the bed

* The Kusmi tea in the kitchen. Not only is the tea delicious, but the canister is so decorative

Images: Stadshem