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Townhouse inspiration & wishing you a Happy Friday

Wow, I’ve been looking forward to this Friday for a while now. Not that the last couple of weeks haven’t been interesting – in fact, they’ve been some of the best weeks in a long time. But today it’s vacation time!

It’s time for our Easter break. We’re not going anywhere – we decided to cancel Hamburg this year – in favor of going all in on our trip to London later on. So we’ve got a week ahead of us, filled with family time, visiting friends and family and just relaxing and enjoying some time off. It’s actually kind of perfect.

The home tour I’ll leave you with today, well it’s been open in my browser for quite some time, and every time I click on it, I fall in love with this townhouse all over again. I hope you’ll feel inspired too. Have a lovely weekend <3

Images: Planete Deco

Dreaming of a night like this…

It’s been raining all day here in Denmark. That’s the Danish summer for you. It’s not as much fun in May as it is in October. So right now I’m dreaming about nights in a place like this, with a bottle of white wine and good company. Our roof top terrace is coming along, and I really would like to sit out there at night again. See the first glimpse of my new and improved terrace right here.

lovely garden via bolaget

Image: Bolaget

Garden life

Slowly I’m getting there. Getting ready to do something about our garden. We’ve lived here for almost a year now, and we’re slowly starting to get an overview of the different flowers and weeds in the garden. We have to decide what to keep and what to remove. Somehow, it’s a major project – and to think we’ll get it all done this summer – well that’s never going to happen.

The rooftop terrace is a whole other story. I want to get it ready – and I want to do it now. I cannot wait to relax out there and watch people walk by. We’ve got an amazing view up there, and I’ll need to go out and buy furniture and potted herb plants. I’ve been looking at different pictures for inspiration. I’ll share a few with you here.

stadshem 3 stadshem 4 via stadshem 1 via stadshem 2 via stadshem

Source: Stadshem


If only the weather…

It’s too bad that I didn’t see this arrangement earlier. But for now, we’ll just have to collect clippings, pictures and other stuff for our makeover of our rooftop terrace next year.

This is so cozy, and imagine all the storage space. This would be perfect for what I had in mind up there.

Source: Stadshem