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vipp kitchen

VippBlackKitchenSwartz031-754x1024 In my opinion the black vipp kitchen is the perfect kitchen. When I dream about a new kitchen (which is pretty much all the time) this is the one stuck in my mind. It is so simple and so clean cut and timeless, which is very important to me. Hopefully, one day my kitchen would look a little like this one.

VippBlackKitchenSwartz041-768x1024 Source: Pinterest via (My) unfinished home

Setting the vipp table

I was sitting at work, when an email from vipp appeared on my phone. I was instantly inspired. I thought about logging on to Espresso Moments while at work to post this beautiful vipp table – but I decided not to.

I’ll make this a short post, because I’m on painkillers right now, after a horrible visit to the dentist. The sedation is starting to wear off, but I’m hoping for a night without too much pain. So I’ll make the most of the night.

VIPP Festive_table Photo: vipp


vipp for the kids

We’re trying to figure out a suitable storage solution. My little boy needs some space for all his toys and books. We’ve been going back and forth between a String system – like the one in his sister’s room, and an Ikea solution. But now a third solution appears. Let’s call it the vipp solution.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of vipp. I simply love the clean, no nonsense design. Today, beautiful pictures of vipp products placed and used for children and in their rooms appeared in my inbox. I’m thrilled – we’re gonna talk about this solution too.

Vipp_KidsRoom07 (1)

Vipp_KidsRoom06 (1)

Vipp_KidsRoom10 (1) Photos: vipp


Damien Hirst and Vipp

The internatinally renowned artist Damien Hirst has created a limited edition of the Vipp bin exclusively for Astrup Fearnley Museet.

An exclusive and limited collection will be presented at the opening of Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo on the 29th of September.

One of Damien Hirst’s most discussed pieces, is the “spot painting”, which is created by rows of randomly coloured circles. This is the also the piece of art, which has inspired Damien Hirst in the interpretation of the Vipp bin.

“I’ve always loved colour, playing with colour, moving colours around. Designing a Vipp bin using spots makes the Vipp bin joyful“– Damien Hirst.

A limited number of bins will be sold exclusively from the Astrup Fearnley Museet. Price 3400NOK.