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The bag from Zara

Do you remember the super cute bag from Zara, which I showed you in this post? The one from their ss16 girls collection. Well, I went back a few days later to find out that it was sold out.

Skærmbillede 2016-02-02 kl. 10.35.42 Skærmbillede 2016-02-02 kl. 10.34.47

A few days later, I still thought about the bag, and I went back. This time it was back in stock, and I hit ‘Buy’ so fast, you wouldn’t believe it. Now I’m waiting for it to arrive.

And no, I didn’t buy it for my girl, I hope that I can use it as a small bag myself. If not, then I’m pretty sure she’ll be more than willing to take it off my hands and use it herself.

Images: Zara

Spagat Shop

A few years ago, I bought some beautiful flowers from Spagat shop, and I enjoy looking at them every day.

And now the talented Sidsel Gaustadnes has created new Hang Arounds. I especially love her new snowflakes, but then again I’m more of a winter decoration kind of person. I only put up elfs in my kids’ rooms, and try to keep it simple in the rest of the house. Check out her shop right here.