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A few things for my spring wardrobe

I’m a fall/winter kind of girl – no doubt about it. I feel comfortable in knee-long dresses and a cozy cardigan. I almost never wear high heels, and I would pick a pair of sneakers or other similar comfortable shoes any day.

I’ve got my fall/winter wardrobe pretty much sorted out, however when it comes to spring/summer, well I really need to step it up a bit. If not now, then at least I need something to wear on our trip to Mallorca later this year.

I’ve put together a few things, which you’ll find on my current wishlist/spring shopping list.

spring wishlist clothes

Carla Lines Black dress from Stine Goya 
Black jumpsuit from Pieces
Black Objelsa tunic from Object
Robin plain ear stud & Robin ear chain from lulu badulla
Adidan sneakers from Zalando
Surviving Motherhood tee from Quinn and Fox
Black Knot tee from Pieces
Black Venus dress from Envii

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My January wishlist

Wishlist in January

Christmas was not that long ago, but seeing all the beautiful SS16 collections from some of my favourite brands has made me add quite a few things to my never-endnig-wishlist. I’ve picked out a few things from the list to share with you today.

The Muuto restore storage basket has been on my list for quite some time. I actually thought about buying one or two for my boy’s room. They are really pretty, and it would be perfect for some of his toys. But lately I’ve been thinking about adding one to our new cozy corner in the dining room. The storage basket would be perfect right next to the sofa. I would fill it with magazines, books, toys and all the other stuff we ‘forget’ in there.

I’ve had my eyes on the ‘older’ version of the ferm LIVING collect vases. But the new edition of the collect vases from the SS16 collection is much more me. I bet I’ll end up buying it.

Another thing on my wishlist is the new maze blanket from ferm LIVING. It’s also from the new collection. Even though I’m still in love with the one I’ve got, I think it’s a January thing. My kids snug up in the sofa with either a book or an iPad and the blanket, and some days (I’m sure you know those days too), I wish I had two blankets – one for each of them.

I wrote about the new Gravity Rack from Nomess last year as well. I’m still rather smitten with it, and even though I don’t have a space for it yet, I’m still dreaming about it. It’s a pretty cool idea.

This beautiful Annaleena print has appeared on my wishlist before. I still love the pink stairs, and I’m hoping that one day it’ll hang on my wall.

On my Christmas wishlist

While I’m busy buying gifts for the whole family and friends, I decided to pick out a few things from my own wishlist to show you.

my wishlist Collage On my wishlist this year:

Check out my Pinterest board right here for more inspiration and to see my ongoing wishlist. I update it from time to time during the year, and then I pick out some of the gifts I’ve collected and email the links to friends and family. Somehow, they are not as impressed by the whole Pinterest thing as me 😉 Hopefully, one day they’ll see how practical it really is.

Next up is my birthday

I’m next on the birthday list in our family. This year I turn 36. I haven’t had time to think that much about it, and in the end it is just a number, right? This year turned out a lot different than I imagined. But luckily, it’s for the good. I haven’t been this happy or felt this good in years. This year, I’ve added a few more personal gifts to my wishlist, things that will not be added to the household, so to speak, but things that I will enjoy wearing or using on an everyday basis. Today, I’ll give you a sneak peak of some of the things which made it to the final list.

PicMonkey Collage 2 PicMonkey Collage

During the last year, I’ve been reading books again. And I want to make time for even more reading this fall. High on my list is of course a gift certificate to an online bookshop. In October, I’ll buy the new Kinfolk book, which I wrote about here. I can hardly wait to sit down with a cup of coffee and start reading it. But high on my list is also the book The Monocle Guide to Good Business. It would be amazing to read under the light of the beautiful Reade Table lamp from Menu.

Something I’ve taken up this year, or the end of last year to be precise, is yoga. It’s amazing for me and my body, and I want to get to know even more and learn even more. So comfortable yoga clothes from Sofie Schnoor’s collection also made it to my list this year.

I’ve included af few other things on my list. The necklace Caro by Maria Black, would look great on me this season. The print I do I do I do from One Must Dash would be perfect for our new corner in the dining room. And I want to start redecorating the corner soon. What would make my day (and night) would be to sleep in this bed linen from H&M. Lastly, I need some more beauty products. Purely Professional is such a great match for me (and my daughter), so we need to add a few more products to our collection.

But mostly, I want to be around the people I love and care about on my birthday. Throw a dinner party and just drink some wine and talk all night.


Ingredients for the perfect summer

We’ve been waiting a long time for some sunshine this year. I want sunshine and long days outside now, in the garden and the city, without being cold or blown away. Therefore, I decided to create the ultimate summer wishlist and hopefully the weather will change for the better soon.  Summer wishlist I want to ride around the city on a new bike – the new model Bronx from Batavus is pretty cool. Ideally, I would add another pair of Birkenstock sandals to my collection. Walk around town in the beautiful skirt from Envii and wear the black bra underneath a gorgeous t-shirt. I would enjoy drinks, served in Frederik Bagger glasses, outside in the evening sun with friends, while we listen to music on the aGroove from Kreafunk. Then I’ll write notes and remember to write down what I’m grateful for in the beautiful pink notebook. Then I’ll go to bed and dream about the Lily bag from Mulberry.

A wishlist for Mother’s Day

Wishes Mothers DayCollage

I know I’m a bit early (if you ask my husband), but I really wanted to make a wishlist – it’s been so long. And the I thought, Mother’s Day is coming up – and it is the perfect excuse. My family and I will be spending the day out in the woods with some friends, but hopefully we’ll have time for a nice breakfast or just a slow morning in bed with books and newspapers.

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