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wish list end feb 2013

1. I really really really want this amazing shopping bag by Yvonne Koné – 2. The really cool aluminium wallchair would be perfect in our newly painted hallway – 3. Cool grey eggcups – 4. The air plane doorstop (we’re make so many air planes around here these days) – 5. Pia Wallen’s Cross blanket in grey – nothing much to say about this except it’s perfect – 6. Be You print – it would be great in our bedroom.



I wish for grey this fall

I wanted to create a collage or a wishlist for quite some time now – but I never got around to it before now. But I love doing this, so hopefull this will not be my last. I’m still new at this collage thing, so please let me know what you think.

It’s getting cold outside, and it’s time to snuggle up inside with a nice warn cup of hot chocolate, your favourite book or magazine and a warm plaid. Here are some of my favourite things for fall.

1: BALlab 40 squared pillow 2: Cross Plaid by Pia Wallen 3: Cup by Line Rønnest 4: Hot water bottle by Fine Little Day 5: New grey Krenit bowl by Normann Copenhagen 6: Boxes by Bungalow 7: Pirum Parum poster by Fine Little Day 8: Urban vases by ferm LIVING


I heart Mac

Men jeg elsker også anderledes ting, så (selvfølgelig) overvejer jeg også vinly stickers til min Mac. Jeg er helt vild med denne Etsy shop, som har virkelig mange forskellige at vælge imellem. Her er et par af mine yndlings stickers. Se mange flere hos MakeItMineDesign.

I ♥ Mac, but I also love something a little different. That’s why I’m considering pimping my Mac. I really like the Etsy shop MakeItMineDesigns, and have found a few vinyl stickres I like there.

Images: MakeItMineDesigns