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Inspiration on a Tuesday

Here are some random pictures from the Danish site Fri.

The first set of pictures, I like because of the interesting way to decorate a very large room. I really like the sofa/bed from IKEA, it so raw and yet so feminine because of the chosen pillows and blankets in it. The lamps in this home are also very special indeed – and what a mix.

It’s a very creative home, and I like the fact that it’s out in the open, and not hidden behind a cupboard door or something similar. This is really a home, where your creativity can blossom, I’m pretty sure of that.

The next home I picked out on Fri because of the rather different shelves – and the pretty yellow color. It really is something very special, and what a cool way to bring together so many of your everyday things.

One other thing that also caught my eye is the smart calendar on the wall. I don’t know how easy it is to write on the wall, but it sure looks great.

Images: fri.dk

A cookie monster

I’ve been feeling a bit weird lately, and therefore haven’t been blogging that much. I guess my inspiration took a break or something. But it’s coming back again, and I feel an urge to blog again. We went to Aarhus this weekend, did a bit of shopping and visited some family. It was nice, and I always get inspired when I walk around town.

We bought this cute little sugar bowl from Muuto, designed by Jonas Wagell, and now all I can think of is the yellow cookie jar. I don’t know if it’s the jar, or the cookies we’ll keep in the jar that attracts me the most though.

But luckily for me, my hubby and I will be spending a weekend in Copenhagen in the beginning of June, and I’ll be able to walk the streets for inspiration. I cannot wait. It’s nice to get some time all by ourselves, and we’re going to what I hope is an amazing concert with the Danish singer Tina Dickow. So with these things happening, I’m happy that I feel inspired again. Actually, I worked on my more private work station this weekend, and now I may actually get a place all to myself, where I can be creative and do my stuff.

Image: Muuto