To be honest… pink is not the color I think about the most. But the other night, when I was sitting at home, reading blogs, and looking for interior inspiration, while the little boy was sleeping, and my man an girl were out camping, I found a pink home.

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live with pink walls. Not even my daughter can talk me into painting her walls pink.

But there is still something about this home. Somehow I find myself liking it – but I’m not sure it is because of the pink walls and wallpaper. There is a cozy feeling about it, and I wouldn’t mind relaxing in the living room with a book and a cup of coffee. But how would the men out there feel in a room like this? I just wonder.¬†What about you, what do you think – is pink too much? Or how would you style a place using pink?

Source: Alvhem

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