I’ve been working from home today, because my daughter is sick with scarlet fever. I’ve been sitting in our smaller living room,  with all my papers spread all over the dining table. I always get inspired, when I’m working from home, and now I want to re-do the whole room again.

Lying on our dining table right now are the latest packages delivered to my front door by the mailman. Maybe my inspirational mood could be traced back to the content of the two packages. I’m looking at Holly Becker’s Decorate and my new Paumes books Paris Creative Couples and Stockholm Family Style. I’ll post more about these books later, I just need a few hours to read through them.

And finally, a few pictures to inspire you to give your work station a makeover. I just love these pictures. The simplicity of the wall decoration is stunning.

Images: via emmas designblogg

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  1. There seems to be all kinds of icky things going around. Hope your little one feels better soon. I wouldn’t (and couldn’t!) concentrate on work with Holly’s book in front of me. Don’t you just love it?!

    • Thanks, she’s much better already. And if my boss wouldn’t kill me if I didn’t publish my articles on time, I would have read through the entire book yesterday. I love it already, and I haven’t had that much time to read yet. The Paumes books are amazing too.

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