Cool 45 sqm home

This 45sqm  apartment designed by INT2 Architecture is really amazing. I cannot stop looking at the cool bar area, all the lovely storage space, the really cool bathroom (oh, I just love that). If you live in a small space, have a look around and maybe you can add some of the storage solutions or other cool details in your home.

45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-01 45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-07 45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-08 45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-09 45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-10 45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-13 colorful-45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-03 colorful-45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-04

Pictures: My Paradissi via decor8


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  1. Den er virkelig flot og gennemført den lejlighed. God weekend!

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