This year is all about Lego for my son, who turns six this week. Ninjago and Batman are high on his wishlist. He can play for hours with a small Lego man or the Batmobile. Therefore, we decided to buy some more Lego Ninjago for him, and his sister picked out the new Villads from Valby book for him. I’ve collected a few other things from his wishlist for you today. If you need even more inspiration, I’ve got a board on Pinterest for you to check out as well.

Birthday wishes 1 Collage

1. Lego Star Wars Stormtrooper alarm clock
2. Djeco Arty Toys – Chrome & Interno 
3. Lego Ninjago Titanium Dragon
4. Lego Ninjago Anacondarai Temple Birthday list 2 Collage5. Villads fra Valby på sommerferie
6. Select Talento ball
7. 10 small Minions
8. Razor A4 scooter

Birthday wishes 3 Collage9. Molo Lyron pyjamas
10. Vans Classic loafers
11. New Balance sneakers
12. LP Boys Little Pieces t-shirt

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