Monday I went shopping with my little one. We were on a mission. We wanted to get a gift for ‘farmand’. My little one was so excited about going out and buying a gift, even though he was a bit sick. Our daughter is also creating her very own gift for dad – right now she is adding some finishing touches to her ‘dad painting’ – a DIY project by IDEmøbler and Frk. Hansen – get your print right here.

Here are a few other gift ideas for your favourite dad.

fars dag gaver 1. Frederik Bagger – lowball glass
2. Our Berlin Vodka
3. The Monocle Guide to Good Business
4. Playtype Welcome to the city of champions poster
5. Dad mug from Liebe
6. Weber grill
7. Firepit
8. toCHARGE from Kreafunk
9. Coffee subscription from Coffee Collective


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