I should be reading about Hamburg City, so I would know where to shop and where to eat the perfect brunch on a Sunday morning, but I just have to share this home with you. But if you have any great Hamburg tips, please drop me a line in a comment.

It’s a fantastic home in Oslo, unfortunately I don’t know much about it. But I know one thing: it’s incredible. It’s the perfect example that you can live stylish and with designer items, when you have kids in the home. The menu board is such a great idea – especially when you have kids, and things tend to get a little hectic in the afternoon.

Images: via Koolandkreativ

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  1. Wow! So sleek and stylish. I love this. I really love the crown molding and the kitchen light fixture medallion. It has that old world meets modern feel to it. Just lovely!

    -Jennifer (BYW)

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