It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Therese Sennerholt‘s work. So you can imagine how thrilled I was, when I discovered these beautiful pictures styled by Lotta Agaton of Therese’s fantastic Stockholm apartment. I’ll just sit back and enjoy these pictures.

Have a lovely Sunday.

therese_sennerholt_0104r_51604a28ddf2b3564ae3705b therese_sennerholt_0053r_51604a279606ee4b5353c07d skarmavbild_2013-04-06_kl_184359_5160512fe087c31a03874217 skarmavbild_2013-04-06_kl_184332_5160512eddf2b3565e890536 skarmavbild_2013-04-06_kl_184311_5160512d9606ee4bac740d64 skarmavbild_2013-04-06_kl_184248_5160512c9606ee4b6f4f1579

Image source: kristofer johnsson


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