I didn’t have time to write something about these pictures, when I posted them earlier this week. But I would like to add a comment to this interesting space. These days we’re re-decorating a few rooms in our apartment. And I’m scanning the net for inspiration. We live in a rental, so we have to live by certain restrictions. But for now, we love the city and the bright apartment too much to move out. So instead, we re-decorate from time to time – in order to make room for a family of four. We all need our private space, and that can be a tricky affair in an apartment like ours.

This apartment is not at all like the one we’re living in, but it still contains some pretty cool details, which I would love to incorporate in our space. ┬áThe small wall in the middle of the dining room is a great solution in terms of dividing the kitchen and the living room, without putting up a big wall. Also in terms of placing the TV. Placing the TV is one of our biggest problems. We don’t watch TV all that much during the weekdays, but we still need it, when the kids want to play wii or we want watch a movie. To make it even harder, we don’t own a a flat screen (we have an old B&O, which is perfectly fine even though it’s from the 80’s).

Images: Hemnet

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