Right now I’m waiting for two samples from Hygge & West. I really like the wallpaper designed by Lisa Congdon.

I cannot wait to see the samples in real life.  I picked out the Triangles (White/Black) and Triangles (Almost White/charcoal & gold).

Pattern Story
Lisa has always been drawn to geometric figures in her work. She started her creative journey many years ago as a quilter, and even though she stopped quilting several years ago, geometric shapes like triangles and hexagons show up in her paintings and drawings constantly. With this pattern, triangles and lines play with each other in interesting, unexpected ways. (from Hygge & West)

Source: Hygge & West

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    • Jeg har købt det hos Hyggeandwest – man kunne bestille en prøve, og så fra man fratrukket den pris, hvis man køber en rulle (hvis jeg husker rigtigt 🙂

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