It’s hard to believe. But yes, we’re moving. We bought our very own place. I know, it wasn’t long ago, when I declared that we had decided to stay put. But then we had a few days to ourselves, while the kids were visiting their grandparents, and we just had to take a look at this place. Then one thing led to another, and here two weeks later we signed the deal. We now own this beauty.

Images: Nybolig

6 Comments on We’re moving…

    • Tusind tak 🙂 Ja, hvem ved, måske kan vi følges hjem fra skole så. Håber at du er på toppen igen? Sig til, når telefonen skal luftes på Behag 🙂

    • Der skal nok komme flere billeder snart. Det bliver så fedt at komme igang med at indrette det 🙂

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