Kitchen planning and winter shopping

These days I’m surfin’ the net quite a bit. I’m buying clothes and winter coats for the kids. Or should I say – emptying their account.

When I’m not doing that, I’m looking for different kitchen solutions. Right now I’m leaning towards an Ikea/ &shufl solution. But I still think I’ll need a trip to Copenhagen in order to see it in real life.

Until then – I’m still collecting pictures of inspiring kitchens – like this one over at Fantastic Frank.

fantastic frank kitchen 1 fantastic frank kitchen 2 fantastic frank kitchen 3

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10 things to buy for your home office

Whether you’re going back to school, starting university or simply going back to work after your holiday, I’m sure you’re dying to make a few changes in your home office.

I know I am. I’ve been moving my habitat table around at home, trying out different corners of our dining room/ my office.

home-office I’ve made a list of ten things to get you going and inspired for another season at your desk.

  1. First you need to get one of these beautiful Le sac en papier bags. It makes throwing out bits and pieces so much more stylish.
  2. What about the beautiful desk Overtime desk designed by Stina Sandwall
  3. You need a great chair. My pick would be About a Chair from Hay, with a beautiful pillow or a blanket.
  4. A beautiful desk lamp from Kaiser Idell.
  5. You need to buy a special cup just for you. It should be your special work cup and only be used, when you’re working. What about one from Design Letters.
  6. Find a print which will inspire you to do your best every day. I would pick something like this one from Etsy.
  7. You need some beautiful stationary. A notebook and pens. I always stash up on Muji pens and notebooks from Søstrene Grene.
  8. A new steel mesh board for all your clippings and inspiration.
  9. You need fresh flowers or green plants to brighten up your day. My pick would either be a black or maybe light pink glass vase from Lyngby Porcelæn.
  10. A few boxes will keep your workspace nice and clutter-free. I’m crazy about the beautiful ObjectBoxes designed by Maya Bille.
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Favourite ferm living aw14

Truth be told, I feel a bit excited every time I get an email about a new ferm living collection. The aw14 collection is stunning. I’ve selected a few of the new things.  Do take the time to look through the new catalogue for beautiful styled pictures and inspiration.


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I’m in love

This morning I found this amazing place on Fantastic Frank.

I’m dreaming of packing my bags for good and not look back. This place is like heaven on earth.

SFD8D001C58B0694586A9C7C0DBE7208C8E_960x SFDD70307C3A26E43B297CA4C2D17417ECC_960x SFD16CA8F8A0DF5456E858BEA1717F87682_960x SFDCE469026F7934EAB98388025EE25CE0B_960x SFD13A162367761456A833B333BB828656A_960x SFD3B1E71FBD7AA41EBB5D2236100E8C5F4_960x For lots more incredible pictures visit Fantastic Frank right here.


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Monday Inspiration

My daughter started 2nd grade today, so I’ve got half the day off. It’s an amazing feeling seeing her in class with all her friends. She’s excited about new classes – including English and just getting back to school after the holiday and playing with her friends.

I was also at the day care with my little man this morning as well. It’s something I almost never get the chance to do, because I have to be at work so early. So here I am, at home, drinking a cup of tea and just thinking about what an amazing family I’ve got. I’m a lucky girl.

yvonne kone shop Scandinavian-home-office.-Le-Sac-en-Papier-paper-bag.-from-Stilinspiration ylvaskarp news SAMSUNG CSC

Here’s a glimpse of what I loved last week:

  • Yvonne Koné’s stunning new shop in Copenhagen, I cannot wait to stop by next time I’m in Copenhagen. Note to self: Must buy another one of her beautiful bags.
  • A home office, filled with beautiful things; I’m crazy about the table and Le sac en papier.
  • Cool news from Ylva Skarp. I’m pretty sure my mother and father bought the balance print for my birthday. On Friday I’ll know for sure.
  • And last but not least, Maria Harmuth‘s table. I’m thinking about creating a similar table. I’ve been looking for a new dining table, but it’s really not that easy finding something we both like.
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Birthday and superheros

This weekend my little boy turned 5 years old. It was a wonderful day for all of us. We played with the new Lego Batmobile and plane and the racing set for most of the day. His grandmother and grandfather came to visit and it was time for his cake. After that we went into the city to watch a cycling race. My little man loved it.

I’m sticking to the superhero-theme a little longer, because I’ve been wanting to show you these prints from My Deer Art Shop. I’m so in love with the Zorro-dog.

mydeer_zorrodog_1024x1024 youbatman_1_1024x1024 mydeer_quelefuck_1024x1024


Images: My Deer Art Shop

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