Coffee and work

I’ve been home sick for the last couple of days – including most of the weekend. I haven’t been able to do much besides lying down on the sofa or bed. But today, I’m off to work again – at least I’ll try it out and see how it goes. My head is still not all the great.

One thing I did notice while in bed was the new coffee maker Push from Muuto. It’s already on my must see in real life list. I need to feel and explore this beauty.

I’m off to work, so have a wonderful Monday out there.

Creativ Boards

Photo: Muuto

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DIY for fall

I’ve started collecting a few ideas for DIY projects for fall. I’m getting rather restless these days – and I need different projects at home to distract me, otherwise I get in a foul mood – and we don’t want that.

fall DIY projects

Here are a few of the DIY projects on my list:

Le paper globe – I want to make one or two – one for each kid. Want to make your own, then you can print it right here and get started.

Kitchen labels – I found some really cool ones and a guide over at nordic mojo. Unfortunately, the link to his labels doesn’t work anymore. But it’s great for inspiration. I really need labels like these in my kitchen – and it would be the perfect fall project.

Cord decoration – I first saw this idea a few years ago, and I’ve been wanting to try it out for ages. Now that I might have found wooden balls large enough to fit the purpose, there’s no excuse anymore.

Paper airplane – Ever since I saw Tina’s, also known as Traveling Mama, cute decorations for her boy’s birthday party last year, I’ve been wanting to add paper planes to my boy’s room. He’s got a large old school map on one wall in there, so the planes would be really cool. To see more pictures and to have a look at Tina’s guide, click here.

Lamp decoration – Ever since we moved into the new house, over two years ago, I’ve been wanting to change or even throw out a few lamps. Therefore, I think it’s time to either decorate them or get rid of them. I’ve got a few ideas in my head for decoration.

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A String palace

I’m still a bit crazy about the String system. Even though my husband has asked me not to buy another String shelf for our home – I still enjoy looking at pictures of other people’s String systems. These ones caught my eye this weekend.

SFD9DACE59BB6CC4D8F91C8B8CA7AE5D14C SFD324B66DCC9F644AAB75918D78E669878 SFD6870D2BC68404A8EB05FFA28E69A6E00 SFDA0C5799D251D43FFBDA125D88739EE9C SFDDE6864D368AC42719A129C3CA64CC1B5

Source: Alvhem

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Inspired by a home in Gothenburg

I’m dreaming of a few days in lovely Gothenburg without the kids. Just walking around the city hand in hand – enjoying a cup of coffee and just getting away from my everyday life right now.

Another possibility is getting a few things done around the house. I’m thinking about painting walls, making shelves, adding prints here and there, making a lamp, finding a solution to either the kitchen or the bathroom – the list is long, but getting one of the things done would be fantastic. This might actually be the most realistic option right now.

I would love to make shelves like these for our room upstairs. I’m feeling really inspired to do something similar, when I look around this beautiful home in Gothenburg.

SFD208BB58CC19D456C9DAB9FABD4C9BBF6 SFDA14CE69C69414A75A4EB62B6730CA5DB SFDD31ADAD1B3D04B61B3D7D2E9EA5CDDB5 SFDEA21C294FCA440D29AC57FF884FDA12C Source: Alvhem


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House Doctor Moments

I’m really enjoying the new catalogue from Danish House Doctor. I’ve been reading and looking at beautiful pictures for the last couple of days – and I’ve found more than a few items I want to buy this fall. Hopefully, I’ll have tome to highlight a few of them in a post next week.

It’s too early for Christmas decorations yet (at least for me) – but if you’re as crazy about that time of year as I am – then you should take an extra look at their catalogue  right here.

Have a wonderful Sunday out there. housedoctor_M14_2d housedoctor_M14_13a housedoctor_M14_20a housedoctor_M14_53a housedoctor_M14_89a housedoctor_M14_96a

Images: House Doctor

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Kitchen planning and winter shopping

These days I’m surfin’ the net quite a bit. I’m buying clothes and winter coats for the kids. Or should I say – emptying their account.

When I’m not doing that, I’m looking for different kitchen solutions. Right now I’m leaning towards an Ikea/ &shufl solution. But I still think I’ll need a trip to Copenhagen in order to see it in real life.

Until then – I’m still collecting pictures of inspiring kitchens – like this one over at Fantastic Frank.

fantastic frank kitchen 1 fantastic frank kitchen 2 fantastic frank kitchen 3

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