Decorating ideas kids will love…

… and if you’re into cool design, you’ll love these solutions as well. I’m really inspired by these solutions – and it’s just the kind of inspiration I need right now. I want to make a few changes in my home this winter – and I might go for the little house solution shown here either as a bed or a small desk space.

decorating kids Images: – 1234 -

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Time for Halloween

I’ve been reading quite a few magazines and getting excited about Christmas – and Halloween too. But first things first. I want to share with you a few things which got me all excited about the upcoming Halloween party.

picstitch (77) picstitch (78) For more inspiration visit my Halloween board on Pinterest, where you’ll also find direct links to these pictures.


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Nice family home

I’ve been saving these pictures, but never got around to publishing them here on the blog. It’s yet another busy week at work, and these days I’m way too tired to get things done, when I return in the late afternoon.

I really like the atmosphere in this family home. It’s such a nice mix of furniture and cool personal details all around the home.

bedroom 2 bedroom kitchen livingroom 2 livingroom room for kids Images: Stadshem


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Lamps & hygge

As I promised you earlier this week, I would show you a few lamps from my list of possible kitchen lamps. We need a bit of what we call ‘hygge’ here in Denmark in our kitchen – and next step is a new lamp or two.


finding-a-lamp  Find the lamps right here: Muuto Cozy in White lamp – Muuto Up lampMuuto Cozy in Grey lamp - Lampadina from Flos – Block Lamp from Design House Stockholm - Volume LED table lamp from Lightyears

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Lamp searching

We’ve made a few changes in our kitchen slash dining room over the last couple of months. We added a new dining table top from Trævarefabrikernes Udsalg to our black Hay Loop Stand Frame Table legs. We also added black/white colourpop shelves, which we bought at areastore.

Espressomoments Instagram espressomoments Instagram

Now that it’s getting darker, we are in need of a few new lamps. I did predict it, but never got around to finding the perfect lamps, because the room was so bright all the time. But now, I think I’ll have to move fast, otherwise we’ll be living in the dark all winter.

I’ll collect a few options, and present them here on the blog in a few days.


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Nice family home

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Photos: Alvhem

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