Studying hard in Aarhus…

This is my second week in Aarhus. I’m attending a course in Online Marketing, which is really interesting. I’m really excited about this course, but it also means that I’ll be busy studying again, because there is an exam at the end of September.

Therefore, I might not be quite as active here on Espresso Moments during the next couple of weeks, but I hope to stop buy a few times a week, to inspire you.

While I’m here in Aarhus, away from my family, I dream about a family vacation. I wouldn’t mind a day or two in Göthenburg in Sweden. Looking at these pictures of a typical swedish home makes me want to go even more.

Alvhem home Alvhem home living room Alvhem home dining area

Source: Alvhem

Ikea – what’s on my shopping list right now?

I always have a list of things to pick up in Ikea. It can be little things like napkins or a glass. Today, I want to show you which items are on my current shopping list. Maybe the sofa is more of a wish, but it’s the best candidate right now, and I think we’ll end up buying it.

Ikes shopping list

1. IKEA PS 2014 pendant lamp
2. RIMFORSA tablet stand
3. HEMSMAK jar with lid
5. RISATORP basket
6. NORRÅKER bench
7. BITTERGURKA hanging planter

Cool toys from Bleebla

Ever since I had children, I’ve been interested in simple toys. I never wanted a room full of plactic toys in piles as big as the child or maybe even bigger. I strived for a more simple room, with less toys. Of course it wasn’t always easy, and to be honest, both kids have had their fair share of plastic toys. But I know that some of my ‘less is more’ philosophy has rubbed off.

I’m madly in love with the high quality toys I’ve found by Bleebla. I kinda wish I had a little one again, so I would have an excuse to buy all of it. Hop on over and see the rest of their beautiful collection.
toys from bleebla Collage

1 – 2 The Stamp Box – jungle
3 – 4 – 5 animal box – sea
6 – 7 – 8 animal box – jungle
9 silhouette – jungle – full set


Back to school – desk inspiration

My kids have been back to school for almost one week now. They are tired, but every new day is still very exciting. My little one sits at his desk when he gets home – and he loves it. He’s pretty sure he needs to do homework every day. So we have a hard time convincing him that he doesn’t have to every day.

If you haven’t created a space or a desk for your school kid, here are a few examples of great desks for kids. I’ve collected a variety of desks – some more expensive ones as well as ikea, DIY ones and cool old ones, that you might be lucky enough to get your hand on. back to school desks Collage White String desk  – Ikea desk – Grey wooden desk

back to school desks 2Collage A house and a deskColorful storagesuperhero desk

Back to school 3 Collage Space for two – White deskOld cool desk

Reform your Ikea kitchen

A long time ago, I showed you how to spice up your Ikea kitchen with fronts from &Shufl.

Today, I want to show you another option, if you want to make your Ikea kitchen more personal. Reform, which is based in Copenhagen and founded by Jeppe Christensen and Michael Andersen in 2014, has made it possible to combine kitchen fronts and tabletops with Ikea’s popular modules. Reform Collage I love how it is now possible to custom make an Ikea kitchen. Reform designs kitchen fronts and tabletops, and with collaborations with internationally acclaimed Danish architects like BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, Henning Larsen Architects and Norm Architects, well it makes for some very interesting options, when creating your personal kitchen.

Pictures: Reform


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