Back to work

Monday you bastard print

Today my summer vacation ended. Right now I’m on my way to Copenhagen for a few days. It’s pure work-related, so unfortunately, I will not have time to visit any shops or get a great cup of coffee while I’m there, but I’ll post a few pictures on Instagram that’s for sure. It also means that I have to leave the kids. They will stay with my parents on and off for the next week, while my husband and I are at work.

In Gothenburg I found a sign with the above statement. That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now. I so wanted  to add another week to my vacation. However, that’s not an option. Anyway,  I’m loving the statement – and might have to buy this print on Etsy.

For those of you out there still on vacation – remember to enjoy every minute of it.

Have a lovely week.

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Pink wishes

I’m enjoying the last week of my vacation with the kids right now. We’re enjoying new places in Aalborg during the day, and at night, when the kids are sleeping, we’re enjoy cold drinks and good company.

I thought I would continue with a few more items from my wishlist. This time I’ve collected a few things in different shades of pink.


Bellino from Kähler | A pink jopo bike | Candy Dot Cushion Steelcut Trio from Hay | Medium Bellino from Kähler | Affisch Vee Speers 2 print | The Shoulder Bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company

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Birthday wishes

Soon I’ll turn 35. Normally, I have to think about how old I am. It’s a huge help that my son turns five years old two weeks before my birthday. Truth be told, I don’t think about my age that much. But writing it here in this post made me think about it a bit. I don’t feel old, actually we’re among the youngest parents in my girl’s class. But soon I’ll be closer to 40 then 30 – and that scares me a bit.

I’m thinking that some things have got to change. I want to be more true to myself and therefore I want to change a few things in my life. I want a  life full of love, laughter and good company. I want to be more mindful and more relaxed. I’ve begun making small changes already, and I’m taking one step at a time.

I’ve put together some birthday wishes on Pinterest. But here are a few of the things on top of my wishlist.


By LassenRoyal CopenhagenStillWithYouEamesEccoVippYlva Skarp

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Monochrome for kids

I’ve been cleaning out my secret Pinterest board and found quite a few pretty cool and inspiring children’s rooms. This first post will focus on the monochrome rooms. For more inspiration go to my not so secret “room for kids” board, where I will be adding these pictures to the board along with more new ones as well.

169446dbfea3a9711a13c7e07c42367f 724856dbc4534a19acfa1e63e7dcb185 3938434b35719c87dc2ff15635c4a2d3 a524ba48f8ad18eb08525ea34a287734 f10bd88b6bb961530de5745f42b4d59f Images: Pinterest

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Paris in a box

Did you enjoy the summer in Paris with your kids? Or maybe a trip to the lovely city is just around the corner? I’ve found the perfect way for kids to discover or remember Paris.

On the blog Made by Joel, I’ve found the cutest miniature travel size paper Paris.

Made-by-Joel-Travel-Size-Paper-City-Paris-1a Made-by-Joel-Travel-Size-Paper-City-Paris-3 Get out your scissors and create a miniature version of Paris that’ll fit right into a tiny box. It’s perfect for kids and parents on the go. If you’re looking for a larger version, you can print it right here.

Made by Joel has a really cute selection of paper city toys. Take a look around and maybe your kid will be playing with dinosaurs in Sydney in a few days.

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Welcome to the city of champions

While in Gothenburg I stopped by Artilleriet in Magasinsgatan. It’s a must stop by shop when I’m in the city. And a natural stop before getting a cup of coffee at da Matteo right next door.

I really wanted to buy the “Welcome to the city of champions” print by Playtype. But somehow I left the shop without it, but with another nice treat for myself though. I then returned home and started researching for new blog posts, and I came across the print again. I saw it in this beautiful home on Alvhem.

SFD8DE4AB5BB4A94F94B134017E7EE03B0F SFD54E6C77B586C4BA8A71C59281E64825F

The home, which is not for sale anymore is located in the same street as another of our must stop by places in the city. We always enjoy a meal at Egg & Milk.

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I’m loving the Gothenburg print in the kitchen as well as the selection of coffee. Yes, I did spot coffee beans from da Matteo. I wouldn’t mind going back – maybe a little getaway with out the kids.

Images: Alvhem

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